Top Industries in Turkey – Automotive Sector Tops Turkey Exports 2019

26 February 2020
Turkey Export Data

Turkey is a trans-continental country in Eurasia. According to Turkey export data, the country shipped US$ 171 billion worth of goods in 2019. Turkey’s top industries are automotive, machinery, iron & steel, apparel, electrical & electronic, mineral fuels & oils and agriculture. Automotive sector, which top the charts, recorded US$ 26 billion value last year. Turkey major export destinations of all industries are Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Iraq, United States, France, Spain, Netherlands, Israel and Russia. Let’s have an overall outlook on key industries of Turkey.

Top Industries in Turkey

What are the biggest industries in Turkey? Automotive sector topped the Turkey’s exports in 2019. View all major industries of Turkey with export values, major commodities and top export destination countries.

                      1.    Automotive

Turkey’s automotive industry topped the country’s exports with US$ 26,175 million in 2019, while Istanbul was the largest exporter city. Major selling products into automotive sector were motor cars, transportation vehicles, parts & accessories of transportation vehicles, tractors and trailers. Turkey’s main export destinations of automotive goods are France (12.1%), Germany (11.8%), Italy (10.4%), United Kingdom (8.3%), Spain (5.8%), Slovenia (4.3%) and Netherlands (3.9%).

                      2.    Machinery

Machinery is the second largest industry of Turkey, which shipped goods worth US$ 16,453 million in 2019, which rose from the previous year. Top machinery products shipped by Turkey include refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashing machines, turbojets, taps, pumps for liquids and central heating boilers. Major export destinations of Turkey’s machinery goods are Germany (13.9%), United States (6.7%), United Kingdom (5.9%), France (4.8%), Italy (4.7%) and Romania (3.5%).

                      3.    Iron and Steel

Iron and steel stood as the third largest industry of Turkey exports, with US$ 9,939 million value recorded in 2019. Major products which were shipped in this industry include bars & rods, flat-rolled products of iron or non-alloy steel, angles of iron or non-alloy steel, semi-finished products of iron or non-alloy steel and wire of iron or non-alloy steel. Which countries purchased these goods from Turkey? These were Italy (8.7%), Israel (7.7%), Spain (6.5%), Yemen (4.8%), Egypt (4.2%), Romania (3.8%), Morocco (3.3%), Singapore (3.3%) and Iraq (2.4%).

                     4.    Apparel

Turkey’s exports of apparel and clothing accessories both knitted or crocheted or not valued US$ 15,539 million in 2019. Knitted or crocheted apparel & clothing recorded value of US$ 9,089 million, while not knitted or crocheted apparel & clothing registered a value of US$ 6,450 million in 2019. Turkey’s top export partners of apparel & clothing are Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands and France.

                     5.    Electrical and Electronic

As per 2019 Turkey export statistics, electrical and electronic materials recorded shipments worth US$ 8,729 million. Major commodities exported of this industry include insulated cable or wire, monitors & projectors, electric instantaneous or storage water heaters, electrical transformers electrical accumulators and wireless telephone sets. Turkey’s main export partners of electrical & electronic industry are United Kingdom (13.5%), Germany (9.2%), France (7%), Iraq (5%), Italy (3.5%), Spain (3.4%), Saudi Arabia (2.5%), Poland (2.3%) and Israel (2.2%).

                    6.    Mineral Fuels and Oils

Exports of mineral fuels and oils valued US$ 7,315 million in 2019. Major products supplied into this industry from Turkey were petroleum products, oils & other products of the distillation of high temperature, petroleum coke, electrical energy, petroleum gas and petroleum jelly. Main export destinations of Turkey’s mineral fuels &n oils are Netherlands (9.6%), Spain (8.4%), Malta (7.6%), Egypt (7.6%), Cyprus (7%), Greece (6.4%) and Italy (6.3%).

                    7.    Agriculture

Agricultural exports in 2019 valued US$ 2,339 million, in which shipments of cereals, pulses, and oilseeds were departed from Turkey the most. The Middle East and African countries, especially Iraq were the largest importer countries. Turkey is the top supplier of hazelnut in the world. Overall, top importer countries of Turkey’s agriculture goods in 2019 were Germany, UK, Iraq, Italy and the United States.

As 2020 begins, Turkey is likely to make good investments in not only India but other Asian and European countries. Turkey now hopes to see a positive growth in bilateral trade relations this year as the country went through various hurdles in trading opportunities including trade war.

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