Top 10 Refrigerator and Freezer Brands Imported into India

30 March 2018
Refrigerator Brands

Refrigerators also called as fridges are considered to be one of the very crucial equipment available in most of the houses. It is one of the most demanded things among the household items. It is used to keep foods and other items that we put inside stay cold. Its advantages include better storage, preserving foods and maintain the coolness of beverages. India imports of both refrigerators and freezers stood at USD 258 million in the year 2017. There are around 60 brands of refrigerators and freezers that have imported into India. Let’s check the top 10 brands of refrigerators and freezers that have imported into India.

             1.       Samsung

             2.       LG

             3.       Haier

             4.       Hitachi

             5.       Vestfrost

             6.       Blue Star

             7.       Panasonic

             8.       Voltas

             9.       Elan Pro

           10.   Celfrost

A report on India refrigerator & freezer imports released by Export Genius have been analysed on the basis of brand, type, month wise, importer, foreign country and Indian ports. Besides India, this company also provides the Import Export Data of more than 60 countries.

Analysis of Top 5 Refrigerator Brands in India

To buy a refrigerator, it is difficult to decide which brand of the refrigerator to buy. It depends on storage capacity, type, family size, budget and so on. However, single door, double door, triple door and side by side door features are available in the market.


In India, Samsung is one of the premier home appliance producers over the years. Samsung is the largest brand which has covered the regional market of India and most demanding brand among the Indian population. The refrigerators import of Samsung brand into India stood at USD 93 million which represented 36% of the total imports during the year 2017. In terms of quantity, 26.60% of fridges of this brand have been imported by India in the said year. The fridges with the capacity of 394 litres, 345 litres, 415 litres and 674 litres have been imported majorly by India.


LG is on the top in terms of product offerings as compared to other brands. LG offers feels like Life’s Good with these refrigerators. After Samsung, LG is the most selling brand in the country and also considered as best refrigerator brand. India refrigerators & freezers imports of LG brands stood at USD 41.32 million and represented 16% value of India’s total fridges imports. However, LG imports of this product recorded 8.48% quantity of the total imports. LG refrigerators with the capacity of 687 litres, 679 litres and 668 litres have been imported majorly.


Haier is manufacturing effective and in-built refrigerators for the past few years. It has expanded its market across the country and one of the most selling refrigerator and freezer brands in India. In 2017, India refrigerator & freezer imports of this brand stood at USD 32.98 million which was 12.76% of the total import value. The freezer with the capacity of 136 litres & 588 litres and refrigerators having capacity of 565 litres, 618 litres, 52 litres and 620 litres have been imported.


Due to their products feature like the range of facilities and functions, Hitachi is one of the premium manufacturers in the refrigerator industry. In the Indian market, they are available in single door, double door, triple door and French door mount variant. India refrigerator & freezer imports of Hitachi brand stood at USD 17.23 million and represented 6.67% of the total fridge imports. In terms of quantity, 37568 pieces of refrigerators & freezers have been imported by the country. India has imported fridge capacity having 510 litres, 456 litres, 451 litres and 601 litres of Hitachi brand.


Vestfrost is one of emerging brands in the manufacturing of household appliances. It offers an extensive range of fridges and is able to provide quality products for any purpose. The refrigerators and freezers imports of Vestfrost brand stood at USD 15.78 million from 16931 pieces which represented 6.11% value of the total input in the year 2017.

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HS Code


Product Description

LG Brand Refrigerator (GN-M702HLHM)


546 litres




55 Sets

Invoice Value

USD 434.94

Total Value

USD 24153.88

Export Country


Import Country


Date, Importer, Exporter & other shipment details

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