Shrimp Export from Vietnam in Q1 2018 – Top Shrimp Exporters in Vietnam

07 September 2018
Vietnam Shrimp Export

Vietnam is a major shrimp exporter country in the world. Vietnam exports of shrimp & prawn to the global market worth USD 464 million during the first quarter of the year 2018. Vietnam has great processing potential and the country can raise shrimps and prawns all year round to increase outputs due to favourable weather. Shrimps & prawns are classified under HS Code 0306. The country has more than six thousand hectares of shrimp farming with two main species of black tiger and whiteleg shrimp. 

Vietnam is also world’s leading producer of black tiger shrimp with nearly 100 shrimp processing factories which generate about 0.5 million tons of products every year. In Q1 2018, the country recorded drop in shrimp export sales during February and quickly cover up its exports in next month. Check the Vietnam seafood export statistics of shrimp & prawn by value during Q1 2018.

Here, we take a look at the highlights of Vietnam shrimp export report during Jan-Mar 2018.

            ·         Vietnam shrimp & prawn exports crossed USD 460 million in Q1 2018.

            ·         Shrimp is exported majorly while prawn exported in less quantity.

            ·         Frozen shrimp & prawn recorded highest export sales in Q1 2018.

            ·         China and Japan are its top export markets for shrimp and prawn.

            ·         Around 400 Vietnamese companies exported shrimp to 1600 global buyers.

            ·         In Q1 2018, Vietnam recorded 40% of the total sales in March only.

How to get Vietnam Shrimp Export Data?

Export Genius has released a market research report on Vietnam shrimp & prawn exports which is analysed on the basis of category, HS Code, Vietnamese exporters, foreign importers and more data segments. Our report is beneficial for shrimp traders and helps to analyse the market and target uncovered regions to expand their business. Here is the sample of Vietnam shrimp export data representing major data fields that we cover in our report.


31 March 2018

HS Code


Product Description

PD white shrimp frozen IQF (size 100/200) # & VN




2000 KGS


USD 18000

Vietnam Exporter

Corporation Import Export Seafood Central

Foreign Importer

Marubeni Corporation

Export Country


Import Country


Loading Port

Tien Sa Port

Unloading Port



You can easily get the actual shipment records of Vietnam shrimp export by filling a quick enquiry form our website.

Vietnam Seafood Exports by Category

Vietnam has the world’s largest seafood industry. Our shrimp export report reveals that the country supplied 80.18% of shrimp and 19.82% of prawns to the global market. Vietnam is world’s major shrimp producer country and shrimp has always accounted for the biggest portion in Vietnam’s seafood export value in recent years. Vietnam shrimp industry has great potential for growth with 28 coastal regions and cities stretching more than 3200 KMs of coastline. Here is the category wise analysis of Vietnam seafood exports.


Value (%)






Vietnam exports of Shrimp & Prawn by HS Code

As per Vietnam shrimp export statistics, most of Vietnam’s shrimp export value comes from farming and the country mainly focus its production on white leg and black tiger shrimp. Vietnam exports shrimp and prawns into various HS Codes, and frozen shrimp & prawns recorded highest export sales on HS Code 03061721 during Q1 2018. Let’s check the table to know share values of Vietnam shrimp exports by HS Code in Q1 2018.

HS Code

Value (%)

HS Code 03061721


HS Code 03061722


HS Code 03061719


HS Code 03061711


HS Code 03061729



Shrimp & Prawn Exporters in Vietnam

Vietnam shrimp export report showed that more than 400 companies are selling shrimp and prawns to the various global countries. Our report consists of trading activities of all the Vietnamese shrimp exporters with their name and address. JSC Minh Phu Hau Giang Seafood is the largest shrimp supplier in Vietnam which recorded 7.42% export value of the total sales in Q1 2018. Some of the shrimp suppliers are given below.

            ·         JSC Minh Phu Hau Giang Seafood

            ·         JSC Minh Phu Seafood Corporation 

            ·         JSC Processing and Services CA Mau Seafood

            ·         Corporation Southern Shrimp

            ·         Corporation Import Export General Vilcom

            ·         Corporation Soc Trang Seafood

            ·         Corporation Sao Ta Foods

Top 10 Vietnam’s Export Markets of Shrimp & Prawn

According to Vietnam export data, the country exports shrimp and prawn to around 90 countries around the world. China, Japan, South Korea, United States and Netherlands are top five export markets for Vietnamese shrimp & prawns and together these five countries recorded two-third value of the total exports till March in 2018. As per VASEP, Vietnam shrimp exports will increase by 10% over 2017 and cross USD 4 billion in 2018. Vietnam shrimp exports to China and Japan are on rise due to high demand, improved product quality and processing methods. Let’s check the export values to its partners given in the table below.


Share Value (%)





South Korea




Hong Kong



Foreign Buyers of Vietnamese Shrimp & Prawn

Our report contains both side trading details and also includes the list of importers purchasing shrimp and prawns from Vietnamese companies. We provide an opportunity for exporters in Vietnam as they can get they can get thousands of customers for their products. Shrimp export report reveals that more than 1600 companies have purchase shrimps and prawns from Vietnam in the first quarter of 2018. Some of them are given below.

             ·         Mseafood Corporation

             ·         Trang Quoc Truong Medicines Joint Stock Company

             ·         Phong Dong Hung Joint Stock Company

             ·         Two Dong Hung Trung Quoc Company Ltd

             ·         Maruha Nichiro Corporation

             ·         Dong Hung Joint Stock Company

             ·         Ebisumo Logistics Co Ltd


VASEP stands for Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers, it is a voluntary organization helping to raise the value & quality of Vietnamese aquatic products and develop material sources for processing this. As per the association, Vietnam gained 4.7 billion U.S. dollars from exporting seafood in the first seven months of this year and posting growth of 8.1% by year-on-year. Here, we check the main activities of the associations:

          a)      It builds linkage with farmers and fishermen to produce raw materials.

          b)      It strengthens the development and building of membership relationships.

          c)       It develops international relations through participation in conferences.

          d)      It helps in trade promotion and market development.

          e)      It coordinates with relevant government bodies to increase production & export.


      Reasons to buy Vietnam Shrimp Export Data

Export Genius is a reliable and trusted source for providing shipment records of Vietnam shrimp & prawn exports. We deliver authentic statistics to our clients and provide accurate information about trusted suppliers in Vietnam to select their best and genuine business companion. In our data, we cover all ports shipments and data is available on all digit HS Code level. It is based on shipping & export bills and collected from the country’s customs and port authorities.

We are also expert in analytical reports which are provided as per the client’s requirements and analysed on the basis of product specification such as type, category etc. Apart from Vietnam, we also provide analytical report of more than countries like India, China, USA, Brazil etc.

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