Seafood Industry in India – List of Seafood Exporters in India

05 July 2018
Seafood Exporters in India

India’s seafood exports crossed $7 billion during the financial year 2017-18, with frozen fish and frozen shrimp continuing the flagship export items. According to Export Genius seafood export data of India, the country supplied seafood items mostly to the United States of America and South East Asian countries. Want to know more about seafood industry in India? Check our 100% authentic market research report on seafood exports from India, which covers customs-based details including seafood exporters in India, value, quantity, foreign importers, foreign country, port, etc. Let’s have a glimpse of this report with India export statistics of seafood.


Seafood Industry in India

India is blessed with a coastline of over 8118 km, 2.02 million sq. km of EEZ and 0.5 million sq. km. Varieties of seafood in India include – Fish, Prawns, Lobster, Oysters, Roe, Shellfish, Crustaceans, Shrimp, Molluscs, Echinoderms, Medusozoa, Tunicates, etc. With robust investments in infrastructure, India’s fish production is expected to cross 14 million MT by 2018 from the current level of over 9 million MT.

Indian marine waters are home to over 1700 fish species including 200 commercially significant species, while the sector employs more than 15 million people and fish eaters account for over half of country’s total production. India is the second largest source of aquaculture production in the world, after China.

With the growing demand for Indian seafood products globally, the dynamics of the seafood business in India is changing fast. There has been a tremendous growth in the resources and infrastructure of the Indian seafood industry in the recent years. In order to process the infrastructure of seafood industry efficiently, India has an installed processing capacity of 23000 M.T with 506 state-of-the-art processing plants, out of which more than 62% of them are EU approved plants.

Fish touch our lives in countless ways in terms of providing food, nutrition, livelihood, employment and many more. It mainly comes two production modes namely Capture Fisheries (capturing wild fish from marine and freshwater) and Culture Fisheries (farming fish, also known as aquaculture). India is the 2nd largest fish producing countries in the world with production of 11.41 million metric tonnes in 2016-17.


Seafood Exports from India

Striking a new high, India’s exports of seafood stood at 1377244 tonnes earned INR 45,106.89 crore in 2017-18. As per the latest seafood shipment data of India available with Export Genius, a leading market research agency, the quantity was up by 21%, while the value rose 19.1% over the previous year. In dollar terms, seafood exports from India valued at US$ 7.08 billion in 2017, as against $ 5.77 billion in 2016 with frozen shrimp and fish continuing to dominate the export basket.

During April 2017-January 2018, exports of seafood from India valued at $5.64 billion, which increased from $4.98 billion during the same period in the previous fiscal, making a 13.27% growth.


With continuous growth in the seafood industry, Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) is hopeful to achieve an export target of $ 10 billion by 2022. Despite drop on global shrimp prices, increased supply from Vietnam & Thailand, daunting challenges of oversupply and issues related to antibiotic residues; India’s seafood industry has been maintaining its growth streaks. The Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) is a government body, which was set up in 1972 for promoting the marine industry with special reference to exports from India.

India’s JNP, Krishnapatnam, Pipavav, Kolkata, Kochi and Vishakhapatnam were the major ports for the marine products cargo in 2017.

Let’s have a look at figures of seafood exports from India recorded between 2016 (Q4) and 2017 (Q4).

 Sea food exports


Value (USD Million)

2016 (Q4)


2017 (Q1)


2017 (Q2)


2017 (Q3)


2017 (Q4)



HS Code-wise Analysis of Seafood Exports from India in 2017

Seafood products in India fall under HS Code 03, which defines fish and crustaceans, molluscs and other aquatic invertebrates. Chapter 03 is further classified into 8 sections under 4-digit level HS Code. These are mentioned in the table and chart given below with their trade statistics recorded in 2017.

Frozen shrimp maintained its position as the key contributor to seafood export basket of India during 2017. It accounted for 41.10% in quantity and 68.46% of the total dollar earnings in the said year. Total shrimp exports during the year rose by 30.26% in quantity and 30.10% in dollar terms. The largest markets of Indian frozen shrimp were US (187873 MT), South East Asia (127525 MT), EU (62164 MT), Japan (28064 MT), Middle East (15801 MT) and China (9533 MT).

The overall shrimp exports from India stood at 565980 tonnes in 2017. Japan was the major market for black tiger shrimps.

Frozen fish export from India accounted 25.64% in quantity and 10.35% in earnings during 2017. Export of chilled items showed a decline in this year and frozen cuttlefish registered a growth in exports.

 Hs-Code wise sea food export

HS Code

Product Description

Value (USD’000)








Frozen Fish



Fish Fillets and Other Fish Meat






Fish, Fresh or Chilled



Live Fish



Aquatic Invertebrates Other Than Crustaceans and Molluscs



Top 10 Countries Imported Indian Seafood in 2017

The United States of America and South East Asia retained their positions as the major import markets of India’s seafood products with a share of 32.76% and 31.59% in dollar terms respectively recorded in 2017. They were followed by the European Union (EU) with 15.77% share in value, Japan with 6.29%, Middle East with 4.10% and China with 3.21% share in value of seafood. Here is the list of top 10 countries that purchased seafood varieties from India during 2017.

 Imported Indian Seafood


Value (USD %)






















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List of Seafood Companies in India

            ·         Ananda Enterprises (India) Pvt Ltd

            ·         Aqua World Exports Pvt Ltd

            ·         Global Seafoods

            ·         Naik Seafoods Pvt Ltd

            ·         Premier Marine Enterprises

We provide list of seafood exporters in India with their address and shrimp exporters in India. Whether you are looking for list of seafood exporters in Kerala or seafood exporters in Chennai or fish exporters in Mumbai or Indian seafood exporters directory of any other state; we have comprehensive and accurate details of seafood suppliers in India.

About Seafood Exporters Association of India

Seafood Exporters Association of India (SEAI) was established 50 years ago with an objective to protect and promote the interest of companies who are engaged in the seafood industry and to develop global trade of seafood from India. Based in Cochin, Kerala, the association has 8 regional offices in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Orissa and Gujarat.

About National Fisheries Development Board

Established in 2006, the National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB) is an autonomous organization under the administrative control of the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries, Government of India. The aim of this board is to coordinate fishery development in an entreated & holistic manner and enhance fish production & productivity in the country.


Check the sample of India exports lobster to know the fields covered in the data.



HS Code


Product Description

771 CTNS of Frozen Rock Lobster Whole (above 300 grams) SC Name: Panulirus Polyph Agus





Value (USD)


Unit Price (USD)


Indian Exporter Name with Address

**Available on Purchase Only

Foreign Importer Name with Address

**Available on Purchase Only

Foreign Port

Port Kelang

Foreign Country


Indian Port



In the end, it is concluded that India is the world’s largest market for seafood, particularly shrimp and fish. Now we have to wait and watch that whether India could touch its target of exporting $10 billion seafood by year 2022. Meanwhile, fill up our enquiry form to buy the complete India export data of seafood and its varieties with accurate shipment records at the best possible prices.

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