RTA Furniture Market Show Promising Growth Opportunities

31 July 2021
RTA Furniture Trade

RTA Furniture stands for the “ready-to-assemble” furniture, which involves the DIY process of bringing up together the parts of furniture together and manufacturing it in a finished product. RTA furniture is relatively a cheaper option for buying the furniture, but comparatively more strenuous than fully-assembled furniture. RTA furniture had a growth of 12% in total quantity imported over all the world comparatively in addition to the previous year from 2020 (2019).


COVID-19 pandemic flipped over a lot of industries and the international trade market for a lot of commodities. The pharmaceutical industry and related industries were not impacted but relatively had a boom, and still are, counting the rising imports and exports worldwide. Several electronics and home appliances were demanded increasingly during the pandemic, since a majority of timing people were spending in their homes. RTA furniture found its way to global markets. Get the latest reports and exclusive information on imports and exports going on around the world in terms of countries and/or commodities from Export Genius.


Top Importing Countries In 2020


As aforementioned, during the pandemic, many industries were struck with the sudden hit on demand and supply. International trade markets had pharmaceutical and medical supplies along with electronics the highest consumer goods with a 16.8% share value in overall global imports. However, RTA furniture was also among the top consumers’ goods which surged during the pandemic with a 2% value growth in 2020 from a downfall in the growth of RTA furniture by (-)19% in 2019.


RTA furniture comes under the heading of “Parts of Furniture” and HS Code 940390, therefore, the export data of RTA furniture for 2020 is shown respectively for same. RTA furniture export data 2020 shows that top importing countries in global imports of RTA furniture were: the United States of America with a share value of 25%, Germany with a share value of 11.2%, France with a share value of 5.3%, the United Kingdom with a share value of 5.2%, Canada with a value of 3.6, and more as per the list of countries shown below. Receive carefully created analytical reports on the US imported commodities,, or you can do a live search on US imports for Parts of Furniture.




Value USD %

United States of America






United Kingdom















RTA Furniture Mutual Benefits


RTA furniture is coming across and being recognized as a cheaper option than fully-assembled furniture. RTA furniture manufacturers and merchants benefit from the selling of their furniture due to no cost incurred in the storage and delivery of bulky furniture. Same way, consumers are benefiting from the low cost spend on the furniture since there are no heavily levied shipping costs. 

As shown above, in the RTA furniture export data 2020, the United States of America had the highest imports share in the overall global imports for the product. The majority of key players in this industry are from the USA. Some global key players are South Shore, Bush Industries, Sauder Woodworking, Walker Edison Furnit, Barewood Furniture, Leicht Kuchen AG, Rational, Thonet, Hulsta. Get the latest information and trade insights on RTA furniture and related commodities from Export Genius to plan out your business operations accordingly.

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