Rice Exporters in India - Data and Report of Rice Export from India March 2017

11 May 2017
Rice Export Data

India is popular for its rice cultivation all over the world. India is the largest rice exporter with its market share of 28.9% from world’s output (In 2016). It has generated the export value of 5315.535 Million USD in 2016. In the list of rice exporting countries, India is followed by Thailand which stood second in the list. India is exporting rice in more than 150 countries across the world. Rice export by India in three categories which are Basmati, Non-Basmati and others. India has registered sales of 226.61 Million USD from Basmati rice export under HS code 10063020 during March 2017 while the exported value of non-basmati rice is 93.52 Million USD.


The Indian government has kept a highly competitive price for the exported rice to the importing countries to boost the export of rice from India. In this article, we are providing the data and report of rice export from India and also providing the export details regarding rice brand, rice type, importers, Indian port analysis etc. You will also know about the following facts after reading this article.


     =>     India is the largest rice exporter country in the world.

     =>     What types of Rice Brands are exporting by India to the world?

     =>     You will know the top 10 rice exporters in India with their export value in this article.

     =>     KRBL Limited Company is the top rice exporter in India during March 2017.

     =>     How many types of rice are exporting by India in various countries?

     =>     Name of the largest Indian port from which India is exporting rice around the globe as per the rice export data of India (March 2017).



Rice Exporters in India: Brand Wise Analysis


India is exporting various brands of rice and each brand included different types of rice. CUP brand has exported most in March 2017 with its export value of 1420.87 Million (INR). In the case of total quantity of rice exported, CUP Brand has exported 22429 metric ton of rice in March 2017. It is followed by Al-Walimah Brand, Mohsen Brand, AL Shalan Brand and Eagle Brand. We have managed to collect the top 20 brands of rice which are exporting across the world. Refer the following table to check some top brands and to know further details regarding brand wise analysis drop us a query at www.exportgenius.in

Exported Value


Rice Brand Name

Exported Value (in Million USD)

Cup Brand


Al Walimah Brand


Mohsen Brand


Al Shalan Brand


Eagle Brand


Star Blue Brand


Rice King Brand


 *Above stats are based in March 2017 report


Rice Export by India: Rice Type Analysis


India has exported 20 different types of rice in more than 90 countries during March 2017. As per the report of export genius, India has generated 121.87 million USD by Sella Rice exports. Sella rice is also known as parboiled rice that has been partially boiled in the husk. Boiled rice stood second in the list of rice export by India. It has registered sales of 69.46 million USD by boiled rice exports during March. Export of Broken Rice, Steam Rice, Brown Rice and Raw Rice are next in the chart. You can refer the below table to check the export value of other types of rice.


Value in Million

Rice Type

Exported Value (in Million USD)

Sella Rice


Boiled Rice


Broken Rice


Steam Rice


Brown Rice


Raw Rice


Pusa Rice


 *Above stats are based in March 2017 report


Top 10 Rice Exporters in India


There are more than 800 active rice export companies in India. KRBL Limited is the top exporter of rice in India with the export value of INR 14.54 Million during March 2017. This company has exported rice in 24 countries in March including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Australia etc. DD International INC is second in the list of rice exporters in India. The company has exported its different brands of rice (Aani Brand, Al Karam Brand, Al Shalan Brand etc.) in 14 countries across the world during March 2017. It has registered sales of INR 13.93 Million in March followed by Kohinoor Foods Ltd. Here, we are providing the table and graphical representation for top 10 rice exporters in India with the export value in March 2017.

Export Value


Rice Exporters in India

Export Value (In Million USD)

KRBL Limited


D.D. International Inc.


Kohinoor Foods Ltd.


PJS Overseas Limited


Supple TEK Industries Private Limited


Amirchand Jagdish Kumar (Exports) Ltd.


L.T. Foods  Ltd


Veer Overseas  Ltd.


HRMM Agro Overseas Pvt.Ltd.


Bharat Cereals Pvt. Ltd.


 *Above stats are based in March 2017 report

Export of Basmati Rice from India

India has exported basmati rice in 88 countries during March 2017. Saudi Arabia is the top importer of basmati rice of India, and India did export business of 740.85 Million USD by export of basmati rice. Saudi Arabia has imported basmati rice from India in a total quantity of 79880 Metric Tons. It is followed by Iran, United Arab Emirates, Iraq and Kuwait in the list of basmati rice export from India.

There are around 320 rice export companies in India which did export business of basmati rice in March 2017. KRBL Limited is the top exporter of basmati rice in India. The company has generated 14.15 Million USD by its basmati rice export from India during March 2017. DD International stood as second largest basmati rice exporter in March.

Basmati Rice Export Partner

Total Value in Million USD

Saudi Arabia




United Arab Emirates






 *Above stats are based in March 2017 report

Non-Basmati Rice Exports from India

A total value of 93.52 Million USD has generated by non-basmati rice exports from India during March 2017. India has exported non-basmati rice in Senegal with a quantity of 51142 metric tons and registered highest sales of 13.83 Million USD during March 2017. The other countries like Liberia, Sri Lanka, Benin and Somaalia are next in the list of non-basmati rice export from India.

HRMM Agro Overseas Pvt Ltd. has registered highest export value of 5.82 Million USD in export of non-basmati rice during March 2017. The company has exported non-basmati rice from India in a total quantity of 16980 Metric Tons in March 2017. There are around 310 active companies of rice export which exported non-basmati rice from India.

Non-Basmati Export Partner

Total Value in Million USD





Sri Lanka






*Above stats are based in March 2017 report


Rice Export from India: Importer Wise Analysis


There are more than 90 countries in which India has exported rice during March 2017 only. Saudi Arabia is the main market for rice exporters of India. A total value of 77.02 Million USD has generated from Saudi Arabia in March 2017. Iran, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Senegal and Sri Lanka are next in the list rice importing countries of India.


It is most important part in rice export business that how to find potential buyers in the international market? With the help India Rice export data (which will be made available by Export Genius), you will have a fair idea about the country to which rice is to be exported. You can go through the following table and diagram to check the rice export value of India to various countries. To get the list of rice importing countries of India, visit the website of Export Genius.

Import Value


Importer Country

Import Value (in Million USD)

Saudi Arabia




United Arab Emirates






Sri Lanka




*Above stats are based in March 2017 report


Rice Export from India: Indian Port Wise Analysis

As per the Rice Export Data of India, India did its export business of rice from 41 Indian Ports in March 2017. A total of 383.16 Million USD has generated from Indian Ports through Rice exports during March 2017. Mundra Sea stood at top in the list with the export value of 100.75 Million USD followed by Kandla Sea and Sonepat Sea. Check the following table to know the list of Indian Ports from which India is exporting rice across the world.

Total Value


Indian Port

Total Value (in Million USD)

Mundra Sea


Kandla Sea


Sonepat Sea


Kakinada Sea


Loni ICD


Kolkata Sea


Dadri ICD


Nagpur ICD


 *Above stats are based in March 2017 report


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