Poultry Feed Market Rising To Reach $3.4 Billion In Forecast

30 July 2021
Poultry Feed Trade

The global poultry feed market has been rising since the rising demand for poultry meat from the year 2020. Due to the pandemic last year, the market was shut down for quite a while, and including many other industries, the poultry industry also faced losses. However, pre-pandemic has shown a rising demand for poultry. Due to the demand for meat, the production of poultry has risen.


Analysis of the poultry feed market shows that the market size is expected to rise from $2.921 Billion in 2020 to $3.454 Billion by 2026 with a CAGR of 2.8% for the forecasted period 2021-2026. Get more detailed reports and trade figures on the poultry market and other industries or businesses around the world from Export Genius.


Top Importing Countries in 2020


As shown in the poultry feed export data below, the top importing countries in 2020 were the Netherlands by an import value of $3.57 Billion, followed by Germany with an import value of $3.55 Billion, the United States of America with an import value of $3.35 Billion, France with an import value of $2.81 Billion and China with an import value of $2.05 Billion and more in the given table below. Get more information and trade reports on Netherlands imports for poultry feed and other commodities by doing a live search on Export Genius.


Value USD Billion





United States of America












United Kingdom




Dominant Regions for Poultry Feed


The researches conduct for the poultry feed shows that regions across and from Asia-Pacific are the most vigorous in the demand for the poultry industry, such as India and China. The poultry sector in China especially has grown in the total poultry quantities and level of output per bird. India, on the other hand, had an increasing demand for poultry feed till March 2021. After the second wave of the COVID-19, the values dropped to $52.2 Million in April 2021.


India’s poultry feed export data for the time period of December 2020 – April 2021 is shown below. As per the India export data of poultry feed, India imports for poultry feed were $35.3 Million in December 2020, followed by $44.6 Million in January 2021, $55.9 Million in February 2021 with the highest value of $65.9 Million in March 2021, from where it went downfall in April 2021 by an import value of $52.2 Million. Look at the poultry feed export data of India below. You can see more information and filter through shipment records for India’s poultry feed imports, or do a live search on any particular commodity for your business.



Value USD Million

Dec 2020


Jan 2021


Feb 2021


Mar 2021


Apr 2021


COVID-19 affected the poultry feed market extensively by directly affecting the poultry production and its demand, creating disruption in the global supply chain and market, and financially impacting the businesses involved and the international market for poultry products. Although the second wave of the pandemic has disrupted the current imports of poultry feed majorly in India, the studies conducted for the commodity show otherwise expecting to see a surge for its demand for the aforementioned forecasted period. Obtain more information and in-depth trade insights on the poultry feed and similar commodities from Export Genius.

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