Philippines Imports and Exports 2018 – Philippines Trade Statistics

23 May 2019
Philippines Import and Export Data

Philippines’ total imports valued at US$115 billion in 2018, which rose from 2017’s US$101 billion, as per Philippines Trade Data. However, total exports fell marginally from US$68 billion and settled at US$67 billion in 2018. So, Philippines recorded a trade deficit of US$ -47 billion in last year as there is a huge gap between country’s imports and exports. In Asian continent, Philippines rank 14 in imports and 17 in exports. Here is an analysis of Philippines trade with great focus on Philippines major imports & exports and its trade partners. This market analysis is based on Philippines import and export statistics 2018 which are based on actual shipment records.

Philippines Major Import and Export Commodities

Major import product of the Philippines is electrical machinery & equipment, which valued US$28 billion in 2018. Mineral fuels and oils stood at the second place with a value of US$13 billion, according to the latest Philippines import statistics. In electronic industry, electronic integrated circuits and mobile phones shared the highest value of 14.7% and 2.28% in total imports.

In terms of exports also, Philippines shipped electrical machinery and equipment the most in 2018, which shared almost 50% value in total exports. According to trade statistics of Philippines, total shipments of electronics valued US$32 billion were departed from the country in 2018. The major export products in the electronic industry are – electronic integrated circuits (20.32%), electrical machines & apparatus (9.79%), diodes, transistors & other devices (4.38%), electrical transformers (3.09%) and insulated wires & cables (2.89%).

Check the list of Philippines top import and export commodities with their share in values recorded in 2018. For full coverage on Philippines import market with facts & figures along with samples of shipments, access Philippines Import Data.


Import Products

Import Value US$ %

Export Products

Export Value US$ %

Electrical Machinery & Equipment


Electrical Machinery and Equipment


Mineral Fuels and Oils


Machinery, Mechanical Appliances, etc.


Machinery, Mechanical Appliances, etc.


Optical, Photographic, Medical, Equipment, etc.


Vehicles Other Than Railway


Edible Fruit and Nuts


Iron and Steel


Natural or Cultured Pearls, Precious Stones, etc.


Philippines Trade Data is our market research platform for importers, exporters, logistics companies, business analysists, financial institutions, media and other group of businesses to analyse the current import & export market situation of the country and find the best prospects. We provide a wide coverage of Philippines imports and exports with market intelligence information which is based on customs details. Check Philippines Export Data to find active suppliers in the Philippines and have a complete view of the market with samples.

Philippines Largest Trade Partners

Almost 79% of the Philippines’ total imports by value in 2018 were purchased from Asian countries, our Philippines customs data reveals. Trade partners in Europe shipped 9.6% of goods to the Philippines buyers, while 8.1% worth of commodities originated from North America. Smaller percentages came from Oceania (2%), led by Australia and New Zealand, Latin America (1%) excluding Mexico but including the Caribbean, then Africa (0.2%).

From a country perspective, Philippines’ largest import source of commodities is China, which shared 19.6% value to total imports. According to Philippines shipment data, China shipped goods worth US$22 billion to the Philippines in 2018, followed by South Korea with US$11 billion value.

As far as Philippines’ export partners are concerned, about 66.7% of Filipino exports by value were delivered to Asian countries, while 17.4% was sold to North American importers. According to Philippines export statistics, the country shipped goods worth US$10 billion to the United States in 2018, followed by Hong Kong, China with US$9.5 billion and Japan with US$9.4 billion value. Check a list of 5 major import and export partners of the Philippines with their share in values recorded in 2018.

Import Sources

Value US$ %

Export Destinations

Value US$ %



United States


South Korea


Hong Kong, China






United States









List of Filipino Importers and Exporters

Are you looking for importers or exporters in the Philippines? Our Philippines trade data helps you to find the right prospects from shipment details of Filipino buyers and suppliers. Check importer’s list and exporter’s list of Philippines below.

Filipino Import Companies

Filipino Export Companies

Holcim Philippines Inc.

Hancole Corporation

Citizen Machinery Philippines Inc.

ELGI Rubber Company Limited

Cosmic Technologies Inc.

K & K Molding Inc.

Corlax Trading

FTN Garments Corporation

Global Wellness Enterprises

Leader Garments Corporation


Import data of Philippines covers a wide range of data fields including – Date, Philippines Importer Name, Foreign Supplier Name, HS Code, Product Description, Quantity, Value, Weight, Origin Country, Shipping Mode, etc.

Export data of Philippines contains comprehensive data fields including – Date, Philippines Exporter Name, Foreign Buyer Name, HS Code, Product Description, Quantity, Value, Weight, Destination Country, Shipping Mode, etc.

Check Philippines export sample to understand structure of data.


1 June 2018

Philippines Exporter Name

LA Suerte Cigar & Cigarette Factory

Consignee Name

Network Star Limited

Destination Country


HS Code


Product Description

Astro Filter King Half CS CIGS



Gross Weight (KG)


Package Number


Package Unit


FOB Value





The Philippines has one of the most dynamic economies in the East Asia and the Pacific region. It has the 13th largest economy in Asia, 3rd largest economy in the ASEAN after Indonesia and Thailand and 34th largest economy in the world. So, the Philippines is undoubtedly one of the best countries to do import and export business.

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