Petroleum Gas Imports in the World – Natural Gas is Top Import Product

08 December 2017
Petroleum Gas Imports

Pipelines are one of the most economical modes of transport for oil and gas. They are getting longer as resources slowly decline and countries grow more dependent on imports from a range of fields across the world. Oil and gas pipelines are diverging out as more and more countries rely on imports for their energy supplies. Oil and gas companies are extending their reach by expanding their network of pipelines. The cost of landed gas through an undersea pipeline is cheaper than importing liquefied natural gas. Japan is the largest importer of petroleum gas and natural gas is the most imported commodity in this category.

A gas which is converted from crude oil in an oil refinery and light oil in a chemical plant is called as petroleum gas. It is used to create plastic bars, sulphur and solid fuel. Let’s take a look at the petroleum gas imports globally and also describing the types of petroleum gas, top importing countries and some longest gas pipelines in the world.

What Commodities Mainly Imported in Petroleum Gas

Petroleum gas and other gaseous hydrocarbons comes under HS code 2711 which includes natural gas, propane, butanes, ethylene propylene and others. The liquefied natural gas and natural gas in gaseous state are the top commodities of petroleum gas that imported majorly. Here is the list representing the types of petroleum gas products that is imported by different countries.

             ·         Natural Gas in gaseous state

             ·         Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

             ·         Propane, Liquefied

             ·         Butane, Liquefied

             ·         Gaseous Hydrocarbons, Liquefied

             ·         Ethylene, propylene, butylene & butadiene

             ·         Hydrocarbons in gaseous state\

10 Largest Petroleum Gas Importers in the World


Value (USD Million)

Share Value (%)































*above stats are based on 2016 report

   1. Japan

Japan is the top petroleum gas importing country in the world. It accounted 15.6% of the world imports in 2016 and recorded value of USD 34323 million. Petroleum gas import by country is reduced by 21% between 2012 and 2016 while it has declined by 33% during 2015-16. Australia, Malaysia and Qatar are top countries from which Japan imported petroleum gas. Japan has imported approximately 55% of the petroleum gas from these three countries. In 2016, Japan has imported the following commodities in petroleum gas category such as liquefied natural gas, propane, butanes, ethylene and gaseous hydrocarbons.

   2. Germany

Germany is second largest in petroleum gas importing countries. It recorded USD 23265 million which represented 10.5% of the world’s total value. In terms of quantity, Germany imports of petroleum gas is increased by 6% between 2012 and 2016. In terms of value, it is declined by 28% from 2015 to 2016. It mainly imports from Belgium, Netherlands and Russia. In the category of petroleum gas, Germany majorly imports natural gas in gaseous state, liquefied propane and ethylene.

   3. China

China is next in the list of petroleum gas importing countries after Germany. China’s imports represent 10.4% (USD 23002 million) of world imports for this product and it stood as third largest importer. China has increased its demand by 19% in terms of quantity between 2012 and 2016. Turkmenistan, Australia, Qatar and UAE are the China’s top import partners of petroleum gas. Natural gas in liquefied and gaseous state is the most imported commodity in China under this category.

   4. Korea

Korea imports of petroleum gas worth USD 14884 million in 2016 which represented 6.7% of the world imports for this product. Natural gas in liquefied state and propane in liquefied state have been imported most by Korea. However, the country has focused on reduction of petroleum gas through pipelines and recorded the declination of 19% between 2012 and 2016 and it is also declined by 31% from 2015 to 2016. Qatar, Australia, Oman and Malaysia are the top supplying markets for petroleum gas imported by Korea.

   5. Italy

Italy is the fifth largest petroleum gas importer country in the world. The imports of this product worth USD 12372 million during 2016 and represented 5.6% of the total’s output. Italy imports of petroleum gas is declined by 27% during 2015-16. It majorly imports natural gas in gaseous state followed by liquefied propane and natural gas. The country recorded approximately 73% imports of petroleum gas from Russia and Algeria together. However, Libya, Netherlands, Qatar and Norway are the other largest supplying markets for this product imported by Italy.

   6. France

France imports of petroleum gas stood at USD 10683 million during 2016. France majorly imports petroleum gas from Belgium, Germany and Algeria. It has imported 60% of the petroleum gas from Belgium only during the year 2016. It has seen a large decline in petroleum gas imports in France by 25% during 2015-16. Natural gas in gaseous state is the top import of France in this category followed by liquefied natural gas.

   7. India

India is expanding its reach to imports petroleum gas through undersea pipelines. It has increased the imports of this product by 8% in terms of quantity between 2012 and 2016. It recorded USD 9586 million from gas imports in 2016 which represented 4.3% of the world’s imports. Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates are the top import partners of this product. Liquefied natural gas, butanes and propane in liquefied state are the top imports of India under this category. However, it also imports liquefied gaseous hydrocarbons, hydrocarbons in gaseous state, ethylene and natural gas in gaseous state are other top import commodities in petroleum gas.

   8. United States of America

The petroleum gas products like natural gas in gaseous state, propane and LNG are top importing commodities of United States. The country got 8th rank in the list of top petroleum gas importing countries in the world. It recorded USD 8621 million during 2016 and represented 3.9% of the world imports. Canada is its largest import partner of this product followed by Trinidad & Tobago and 90% of the imports had been recorded from Canada only in 2016. In terms of quantity, USA has increased its demand of petroleum gas by 6% from 2012 to 2016.

   9. United Kingdom

United Kingdom imports of petroleum gases worth USD 8536 million during the year 2016. It has imported 68% of gas from Norway only in 2016. United Kingdom imported this product from Norway, Qatar, Netherlands and Belgium with 96.6 share in value during 2016. Natural gas in liquefied and gaseous state are most imported petroleum gas commodities of United Kingdom. The country has increased its demand by 5% in terms of quantity between 2012 and 2016.

   10. Belgium

Belgium imports of petroleum gases worth USD 8094 million during 2016 which represented 3.7% of the world imports. Netherlands and Norway are the Belgium’s largest import partner of this product and together they supplied 71% of the gas to the Belgium. The country has reduced its demand by 25% during 2015-16. Natural gas in gaseous state, propane and liquefied ethylene has been imported most by Belgium in 2016.

Longest Petroleum Gas Pipelines in the World

Here, we are providing the list of some longest petroleum gas pipelines mainly natural gas in the world.

West-East Gas Pipeline – It is one of the major natural gas pipelines intended to connect the eastern markets of China with western resources to allow sustainable development.

Yamal-Europe Pipeline – It is a natural gas distribution system running across Russia, Belarus, Poland and Germany.

Rockies Express Pipeline – It is a 1679 KM long pipeline in USA which runs between Rocky Mountains in Colorado and Eastern Ohio.

Trans-Mediterranean Natural Gas Pipeline – It is built in 1983 and one of the longest international gas pipeline systems to transport natural gas from Algeria to Italy via Tunisia and Sicily.

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