Pet Coke Imports in India from North America Increased Since 2016

19 September 2017
pet coke imports in india

Petroleum coke is a final carbon rich solid material that derives from oil refining. It is abbreviated as pet coke. It is produced in the production of synthetic crude oil from bitumen extracted from oil sands. The chemical and physical characteristics of pet coke are a function of the crude oil and refining technology used by the refinery. India is second largest pet coke consuming country in Asia after China. The demand of pet coke in India has been rising unusually during the last few years and also indicating that it will grow further. Cement, power and steel industries are the predominant consumers of pet coke.

There are two types of petroleum coke is importing in India namely non-calcined and calcined. India did import business of USD 860851741 from petroleum coke during the year 2016. In terms of quantity, it has imported 11775990 metric tonnes of pet coke during this period. India majorly imports non-calcined pet coke than calcined pet coke. Let’s go through the region wise analysis of pet coke import data of India in the given table below.

Petcoke Region Wise Analysis


Value (USD Million)

Quantity (MTS)

North America



Arab States



Asia & Pacific






Latin America






*Above Stats are based on Jan-July 2017 report

India Pet Coke Imports from North America Crossed USD 370 Million in 2017

India received half of the shipments of pet coke from North America region. If we check the recent stats of Jan-July 2017, India pet coke imports recorded 50.77% of the total value i.e. USD 374730861 while it was 54.69% of the total imports in terms of quantity. In North America region, United States of America is the largest pet coke import partner of India which registered approximately 45% value of the pet coke imports. However, Canada is another import partner of India in North America region. India imports both calcined pet coke and non-calcined pet coke from the United States while it imports calcined pet-coke only from Canada. As per the pet coke import statistics, no imports reported from Canada during the year 2012. India did pet coke imports from United States only during the year 2012.

As per the last year records, the petroleum coke import value in the year 2016, year 2015, year 2014 (Jan-June), year 2013 and year 2012 recorded USD 522 million, USD 343 million, USD 211 million, USD 224 million and USD 223 million respectively. India has seen a rise in pet coke imports since 2014. The petroleum coke production in India showing a demand and supply gap. The excess consumption is clearly supplied to through imports. Go through the following table to check the India pet coke imports from North American countries like United States and Canada from January to July 2017.

Petcoke Imports

North American Countries

Value (USD Million)





*Above Stats are based on Jan-July 2017 report

India Pet Coke Imports from Asia & Pacific

According to Petroleum coke import data of India, the country received one-fourth shipments of the petroleum coke from Asia and Pacific region. While it recorded 12% quantity of the imports since 2012. India is importing petroleum coke from Asia & Pacific region including China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Korea, Hong Kong, Iran and Myanmar. China followed by Indonesia, is the largest pet coke import partner of India. In 2017 (Jan-July), India did pet coke import business of USD 107 million from 3904529 metric tonnes. India has maintained constant import business of petroleum coke from Asia & Pacific region since 2012 to 2017.

If we go through quantity wise analysis of petroleum coke imports, India has imported 579414 metric tonnes pet coke from Asia & Pacific region during 2017 (Jan-July). While it was 934892 metric tonne in 2015 and 856384 metric tonnes in 2014 respectively.

Is Saudi Arabia from Arab States, Top Pet Coke Importer Country of India?

The countries of Arab states region like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt and Bahrain from where India imports petroleum coke. India did import business from Arab States more than Europe region. From January to July 2017, India recorded import value of USD 208 million which represents 28.22% of the total pet coke imports. It has majorly imported from Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia is the largest pet coke import partner country from Arab States. India import both types of petroleum coke i.e. calcined and non-calcined from Saudi Arabia. However, India imports also both types of pet coke from Bahrain on a small scale. During the year 2016, India did pet coke import business of USD 158 million from 2954556 metric tonnes. As per the pet coke import data, the last year records showed that India has extended its pet coke import business from Arab States after the year 2014. Take a look at the import statistics from 2012 to 2017.


Import Value (USD Million)





2014 (Jan-June)






2017 (Jan-July)



India Pet Coke Imports from Europe

The countries of Europe from where India imports petroleum coke are United Kingdom, Azerbaijan, Spain, Georgia, Netherlands, Romania, Norway, Russia, Germany, Turkey, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Poland and Austria. India did pet coke import business of USD 30146978 from Europe region during the year 2016 while it is USD 29552925 in 2017 (Jan-June). United Kingdom is the largest pet coke import partner of India among European countries. India has seen a declined in pet coke imports after the year 2014. India imports of pet coke recorded in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 were USD 44160823, USD 46243265, USD 24528175 and USD 34591202 respectively. Refer the below table to check the India pet coke imports from European countries in 2017.

Petcoke Imports


European Countries

Value (USD)

United Kingdom








*Above Stats are based on Jan-July 2017 report

India Imports Minimum Pet Coke from Latin America and Africa

The pet coke import in India from Latin America (South America) and Africa recorded 1.63% and 0.01% of total value. In 2017, India has imported from both regions while in 2016, it has imported from South America only. India petcoke imports from South America recorded USD 2034608 during the year 2016. As per the petroleum coke import data, India did pet coke import business from Africa in 2014 and 2017 (Jan-July) with the value of USD 257603 and USD 6818 respectively.

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