Pen Drive, SSD, Micro SD Card Import Data of India - March 2017

09 May 2017
Pen Drive,Ssd

India has imported 3.7 million pieces under chapter 85 (storage devices including SD card, Pen Drive and SSD) with import value of 19.04 USD million in March 2017. These products are importing in 44 various brands. SD card with 16 GB storage has registered import value of 5.54 USD million in India. Pen Drive is also known as USB drive, thumb drive, jump drive, flash drive or USB memory.

You will know about the following facts of USB, Micro SD and SSD Import Data of India after reading this article.

     =>     Which are the largest importer company for USB, Micro SD and SSD?

     =>     Which is the largest exporter country for India?

     =>     Which is the largest Indian Port for USB, SD Card & SSD imports?

     =>     What storage of SD Card or USB registered more sales in 2017?

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Brand-Storage Wise

Sandisk is the largest importer of USB, Micro SD (memory card) and SSD in India with a market share of 61.29% by India’s total output. HP brand stood second in the list with its total value of 8.83% in USD. If we will go by quantity then sandisk again top’s the chart. It is not defined that “which is the second largest importer of storage devices in India?” with total sales of 6.76 lakhs pieces. However, it has registered total sales of 1.09 USD million. In case of Solid State Drive (SSD) import, HP is top in the list with a market share of 47.51% in India during March 2017. In case of pen drive import in India, Sandisk is top in the list followed by Toshiba brand. You can go through the following table to check brand storage wise analysis with the help of pen drive, SSD, Micro SD Import data of India.

Brand Storage wise


Total Value USD (%)

Sandisk 16 GB




Samsung 32 GB


Unbranded 128 GB


Strontium 8 GB


* above stats is based on report of March 2017


Storage-Brand Wise

India is importing storage devices in 39 categories (storage wise). A Micro SD (memory card) with 8 GB storage has imported most during March 2017. As per SD card import data, Sandisk has imported 8 GB memory card with a quantity of 24.11% followed by Strontium (2.21%) which is mile away far from sandisk. The memory card (8 GB) has generated a total value of 4.39 million USD in India. Check the following graphical representation and table for storage brand wise analysis by export genius import data.


Brand Name

Quantity (Pieces)

8 GB







16 GB







4 GB







* above stats is based on report of March 2017


Class/Speed Wise Analysis of USB & SD Card

The Pen Drive is categorized in three types (2.0, 3.0 and 3.1) on the basis of class/speed. The speed of the Pen Drive defines its quality and it saves lot of time in data transfer from other storage device. A Pen Drive with 2.0 class has been imported most in India with a quantity of 93.33% in March 2017. Sandisk is the major company who sold 2.0 Pen Drive with a quantity of 87.13% and generated 7.1 million USD during March 2017.

The SD Card is imported in three category i.e. Class 4, Class 10, Class 6 across the country. A memory card with class 4 has been exported most in March 2017 with a quantity of 66.08% followed by class 10 SD Card with quantity of 19.67%.

Importer Wise Analysis

There are more than 110 companies which imports SD card, Pen Drive and SSD in India and Compuage Infocom Limited is the biggest importer with a value of 5.8 million USD across the country followed by Rashi Peripherals Pvt Ltd (3.4 million USD). The company is also top in the list of pen drive import data of India and second in the list of SD card import data. If we will analyse the SSD import data of India, Fortune Marketing Pvt Ltd is top in the chart with a quantity of 92.35%. Here is the table for memory card, SSD, USB importers in India.

Importer Wise Analysis

Indian Impoter Name

Total Value (in Million USD)

Compuage Infocom Limited


Rashi Peripherals Pvt Ltd


Ingram Micro India Pvt Ltd


Balaji Solutions Pvt Ltd


HP Enterprise India Pvt Ltd


* above stats is based on report of March 2017


USB, Micro SD, SSD Import Data: Exporter Country Wise Analysis

India is importing Pen Drive from 12 countries, SD Card from 15 countries and SSD from 17 countries across the world. Malaysia is the largest exporter for Pen Drive to India while China is the largest exporter for SD Card and SSD to India. In case of pen drive import from china, the country has registered import value of 140687 USD in March 2017.  If we will go for quantity wise analysis then Taiwan is the largest exporter of SSD with a quantity of 93.03%. Malaysia and China retained its position for export of Pen Drive and SD Card by quantity wise analysis in India.

Exporter Country Wise

Exporter Country ( Brand-Storage)

Total Value (in Million USD)

Malaysia (Sandisk 16 GB)


China (Sandisk 16 GB)


Philippines (Samsung 32 GB)


Taiwan (Unbranded 128 GB)


Singapore (Strontium 8 GB)


Korea (Samsung 8 GB)


* above stats is based on report of March 2017


Indian Port Wise Analysis

As per the SD card, SSD and Pen Drive import report, prepared by Export Genius, India is importing through 7 various Indian Ports. Chennai Air is the biggest importer port; India has imported Pen Drive, SD Card and SSD with quantity of 58.53%, 53.76% and 2.08% respectively. Delhi Air is the largest port for SSD Card import in India with a quantity of 93.32% during March 2017. Let’s go through the following table for Indian port wise analysis with their total value in USD (March 2017).

Indian Port Wise

Indian Port

Total Value in USD (%)

Chennai Air


Sahar Air Cargo


Delhi Air


Kolkata Air


* above stats is based on report of March 2017

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