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27 February 2018
Vietnam Import Data

Vietnam’s import shipments of total products amounted to USD 201560 million in the year 2016, which rose from 2015’s USD 165775 million. A report on Vietnam’s top imports prepared by Export Genius shows that since 2012, Vietnam has been recording a surge in the import value of total commodities. This market research company provides import export data of 60+ countries and analysis reports of 20+ countries with actual shipment records. They have come up with the latest analysis report on top Vietnam import products, which contain industry-based Vietnam import statistics of commodities. So, as per this report, Vietnam imported electrical machinery and equipment under 2-digit level HS Code the most in 2016. Let’s just have an overall look at 10 largest importing products of Vietnam and analyse five of them in detail.  

Vietnam's Top 10 Import Products

Vietnam import data based on customs details shows that electrical machinery & equipment under 2-digit level HS Code registered maximum import value of USD 45721 million in year 2016. Machinery and plastics stood as the 2nd and 3rd largest import products with USD 20885 million and USD 9737 million values respectively in this year. At 4-digit level HS Code, electronic integrated circuits recorded maximum value of USD 12445 million. While at 6-digit level HS Code, parts of telephone sets and cellular networks (HS Code 851770) amounted maximum import value of USD 8882 million. Here is an overview of 10 largest import products of Vietnam with their trade values recorded in 2016 and Vietnam import data by HS Code.



Detailed Analysis of Vietnam’s Top 5 Imports

If we pick only first 5 products from the list of 10 Vietnam major imports for having in-depth analysis, we found that products of Chapter 85 recorded highest import value under 2-digit, 4-digit and 6-digit level HS Code in 2016. And medium oil preparations and bituminous minerals (HS Code 271019) recorded the highest import value in this year under 6-digit level HS Code. All this information has been collected from Export Genius report on Vietnam’s top imports, which is based on true customs details. Our purpose of providing this report is to give Vietnam’s market outlook to business of all sizes and kinds so that they can take informed decisions in company growth. So, let’s just have a detailed analysis of 5 Vietnam main imports under 2-digit level HS Code.

          1.    Electrical Machinery & Equipment

Vietnam’s imports of electrical machinery & equipment registered the highest value in 2016. It shared 22.68% value to Vietnam’s total imports with goods worth USD 45721 million were imported by the country in the said year. As China is the biggest market of electrical machinery & equipment, Vietnam imported products of this industry maximum from China, which recorded USD 15340 million value and 36.7% share in value.

          2.    Machinery, Nuclear Reactors, Boilers, etc.

Machinery, nuclear reactors, boilers, etc. under Chapter 84 stood as the 2nd largest products at 2-digit level HS Code of Vietnam in 2016. It shared 10.36% value to Vietnam’s total imports. The country imported machinery, nuclear reactors, boilers, etc. worth USD 20885 from global countries in which China stood as the biggest supplier of goods. It recorded USD 6879 million value and 32.6% share in value in the said year.

          3.    Plastics

Vietnam’s 3rd most imported product is plastics, which shared 4.83% value to country’s total imports in 2016. It imported plastic goods worth USD 9737 million from countries around the world, in which South Korea supplied maximum plastic products worth USD 2249 million in the said year. This means South Korea shared 22.7% value to total Vietnam’s imports.

          4.    Iron and Steel

Iron and steel, which shared 4.36% value recorded fourth largest import product of Vietnam in 2016. The country’s imports of iron and steel products amounted to USD 8792 million during this year. Vietnam imported iron and steel worth USD 4518 million maximum from China in 2016, which contributed 51.8% value to total iron and steel imports of Vietnam.

          5.    Mineral Fuels & Oils

Under 2-digit level HS Code, mineral fuels and oils stood as the 5th largest import products of Vietnam in 2016. The country imported mineral fuels & oils worth USD 7769 million in the said year, which registered a slight decline in the value from previous year. The petroleum products and mineral fuels contributed 3.85% share in value to Vietnam’s total imports. Singapore stood as the biggest supplier of mineral fuels & oils to Vietnam in 2016. It recorded USD 2384 million value and 30.1% share in value in this year.

10 Largest Import Partners of Vietnam

Vietnam’s largest import partner of total commodities is China, which shared 29.80% value to country’s total imports in 2016. China supplied goods worth USD 49441 million to Vietnam in the said year. The other top import partners of Vietnam are – South Korea, Japan, Taipei, Chinese, Thailand, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany and Indonesia. How much products were supplied by these countries to Vietnam? Find out from the chart and table given below. 



2016 Value (USD Million)

2016 Value %




South Korea






Taipei, Chinese






















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Vietnam Importer Company

Dong Tien Joint Stock Company

Exporter Company

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HS Code


Description of Goods

DK-C (c) # & zipper





 Value (US$)


 Unit Price (US$)


Origin Country


Vietnam Port of Discharge

Cat Lai Port (Ho Chi Minh City)

Import Country


Export Country


Foreign Port of Loading



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