List of Top Tractor Brands Exported from Vietnam

06 September 2017
Vietnam Tractor Export

Tractor is the major tool in agricultural machinery industry. It is used to deliver a high tractive effort at slow speeds for the purposes of hauling a machinery used in agriculture. With demand for agriculture products grown in today’s worlds, there is much need of robust technologies to help to help the process. Tractors are multi-utility vehicles and it performs task such as landscaping, ploughing, planting, tilling and similar tasks. Tractor production is a large scale industry today as it comes with the drawbacks of pollution and unemployment. Agriculture is one of the most major determining factors in Vietnam’s economy. So, it is important to know about the most popular tractor brands in Vietnam. All the tractors have good quality in one or more testing factors.

During the year 2016, Vietnam has exported tractors of 24 brands in other countries across the world. Kubota, Yanmar, Iseki, Mitsubishi and Daedong are the most exporting tractor brands from Vietnam. As per the Vietnam Tractor Export Report 2016,  Vietnam did export business of USD 12423156 from 2872 pieces of tractors. Vietnam tractor exporting companies like Hoang Huy Hoang Co. Ltd exports these top brands in other countries. Here, we take a comprehensive look at the detailed analysis of most exporting tractor brand names of Vietnam.



Kubota is a Japanese based company and the biggest brand in Vietnam which recorded highest export value. It recorded USD 4518905 which represents 36% of the total exports. A total of 1166 tractors has been exported from Vietnam during the year 2016. Kubota L4508 did highest sales of USD 820896 from 73 pieces of tractors. Kubota B7001DT exports maximum number of tractors i.e. 182 pieces and recorded value of USD 424214 in the same period. However, Kubota has more than 165 models tractor which exports to other countries. If we talk about the engine capacity, Kubota tractors have various types of engine capacity like 12 HP, 13 HP, 14 HP, 15 HP, 16 HP etc. In tractor trade report, find the shipping details of Kubota Export Data of Vietnam and know Vietnam exports of Kubota tractors to other country.



Yanmar tractor is known for its performance link technology, producing its own engines and transmissions. It developed first small diesel engine with a cold start mechanism of the world. Yanmar stood as second largest tractor brand in Vietnam. It registered export value of USD 1883220 which is 15% of the total’s output. While in terms of quantity, it has exported 543 pieces of tractors which are nearly 19% of the total quantity. YM1610D of 16 HP engine is the most exported model of Yanmar brand which recorded USD 127121 with the sales of 49 tractors in 2016. YM1401D, YM2310D, YM1301, F16D, YM3110D are other models most exporting tractor models of this brand. Also, check the Vietnam Export Data of Yanmar Tractor for the reference.



The tractors of Iseki brand has exported 426 pieces and Vietnam did export sales of USD 1042722 from this brand during the year 2016. Vietnam is exporting around 120 tractor models of Iseki brand. Iseki tractor is matched with high quality manufacturing and assembly processes to produce a range of machinery for demanding applications in the market. Iseki TU1700F of 17 HP engine registered exports of USD 91319 from the sales of 41 pieces of tractors. Vietnam has exported 32 tractors of Iseki TX1300F (13 HP) with the total value of USD 75143 in 2016.


Vietnam has exported 426 tractors of Mitsubishi brand in the year 2016. It recorded export value USD 1123511 which represents 9.04% of total’s value of tractor exports. There are around 75 tractor models of Mitsubishi brand which are exporting from Vietnam. A total of 80 tractors of MT180D model has been exported from Vietnam with the value of USD 446706 in 2016. While it noted USD 81178 from the exports 33 tractors of MT1601 model.


Daedong is also one of the most popular tractor brands in Vietnam which have exported 71 tractors to foreign countries across the world in the year 2016. It did sales of USD 555310 from tractor exports which show 4.47% of total’s output. The various tractor models of Daedong brand like L3502, D4351, L3503, D3503 and L3753 has been exported from Vietnam during 2016. Daedong L3502 did export sales of USD 280400 from 51 pieces of tractors.

Sample of Vietnam Tractor Exports

Want to get the analytical report of Vietnam Tractor Exports? Subscribe with us and access the report which is analysed on the basis of brands, exporters, destination countries and tractor company list which exports on a large scale. You can go through the following sample of Vietnam Tractor Export Data as given in the table below.



Vietnam Exporter Company

Hoang Huy Hoang Co., Ltd

Importer Company

Chilgrove International Consulting Ltd

HS code


Product Description

4RD Refurbished 4WD Tractor - KUBOTA B1400DT & JP





Horse Power

14 HP

Quantity (Pieces)



USD 2800

Export Country


Export Port (Vietnam)

Cat Lai Port (Ho Chi Minh City)

Import Country

United Kingdom

Foreign Port



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