List of Best Olive Oil Brands Imported into India in 2017

12 April 2018
Olive Oil Brands

The demand for olive oil is increased by Indians in recent years. It is used for cooking as well as beauty purposes. It is also used to promote hair growth and many skin problems like dry skin and reducing fine lines. The craze for adopting healthy lifestyles by n-number of people in India are upgraded with daily exercise, yoga and consuming healthy food. Olive oils have replaced regular oils and it is beneficial in many ways like preventing cholesterol and heart disease, reducing diabetes and blood pressure, treating depression and stress and weight loss. Olive oil is extracted from olive fruits by pressure as it is a traditional tree crop of the Mediterranean valleys.

People are confused about use and suitable brand for health benefit as various olive oil brands are launched. According to India Imports of Olive Oil 2017 Report, more than 50 olive oil brands have been imported into India including Figaro, Borges, Bertolli, Disano, Solasz, Farrell etc. The sale of olive oil is considered very high and many companies are also producing olive oils. Olive oil is user friendly and it is available at an affordable price in the market. Let’s take a look at the analysis of best olive oil brands imported into India during 2017.

Top 10 Best Olive Oil Brands Imported into India

Olive oil imports in India from the world worth USD 54.75 million in the year 2017. Its imports is classified into three categories which are olive oil, extra virgin olive oil and virgin olive oil. It contains that nutrients that are healthy for our body and refined in nature as good as a cooking medium. It is superb for facial, hair massage and to smooth he skins. Let’s check the below table to know the share value of India’s top 10 olive oil import brands during 2017.

Olive Oil Brands


Value (%)























Figaro exportgenius

Figaro is the biggest olive oil brand imported into India and used by large number of people in India. Figaro is not extra virgin olive oil, it needs to use with other ingredients while applying on facial skin. India imports of Figaro brand olive oil stood at USD 16.90 million and represented 30.88% of the total imports during 2017. The country imports two varieties of this brand i.e. olive oil and extra virgin olive oil. It is obtained with pleasant aroma, smoother tastes and golden colour. Spain is the largest Figaro olive oil supplier for India and 90% of the said brand is imported from Spain only into India.


Borges exportgenius

India imports of Borges brand olive oil recorded USD 4.79 million which was 8.75% of total value in the year 2017. Olive oil and extra virgin olive oil are the types imported in India of this brand. This is a very reputed brand in India and holds a large number of customers in the market. It contains antioxidant and the richest source of mono-saturated fats. It is also a great way reduce bad cholesterol in the body. The country is mainly importing olive oil of Borges brand from Spain only.


Bertolli exportgenius

The famous global brand bertolli brings olive oil with pure and natural ingredients. India olive oil imports of this brand stood at USD 4.29 million which recorded 7.85% value of the total olive oil imports. There are two varieties of this brand which are imported into India such as olive oil and extra virgin olive oil. Spain and Italy are the top supplying countries for India of the said brand.


Disano exportgenius

Disano brand for olive oil is also one of the biggest brands importing in India from other countries across the world. Olive oil imports in India of this brand stood at USD 2.88 million during 2017. Spain is the only olive oil exporter of Disano brand for India. It is the famous brand of the Spanish Grupo Ybarra Alimentacion. The quality oils are carefully extracted from fresh aroma and flavours to the food. It has introduced the olive oils four different varieties such as extra virgin olive oil, extra light olive oil, pure olive oil and olive pomace oil. However, India has imported only two varieties in it.


Solasz exportgenius

Solasz brand olive oil is 100% natural and very high in antioxidants. India olive oil imports of this brand stood at USD 1.40 million and represented 2.56% of the total olive oil imports. Spain is India’s largest olive oil import partner of this brand and olive oil & extra virgin olive oil are the top import varieties.

These olive oil brands mentioned above are highly used by Indian customers. So, the foreign companies selling olive oil to India are seeing tremendous growth in India. Our report can help them to get the list of genuine olive oil importers into India and choose the right business partners to expand their market reach. For their reference, here is the sample of olive oil import Data of India including the major data fields that we cover in our trade report.

HS Code


Product Description

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Disano Brand (12 Bottles * 1 Litre)


11760 pieces

Total Value

USD 41590.74

Import Duty

USD 5354.8

Exporter Country


Importer Country


Importer-exporter name

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