LCD Panel Export from Vietnam – List of LCD Panel Suppliers in Vietnam

13 September 2018
LCD Panel Suppliers

Vietnam is the 6th largest LCD panel exporter country in the world. Vietnam exports of LCD panel to the world worth USD 3255 million in 2017. China and Mexico are the biggest LCD panel export markets of Vietnam while Samsung brand recorded almost country’s total export value. Samsung is the biggest supplier of LCD panel and Samsung Display Vietnam Co. Ltd is the largest LCD panel exporter in Vietnam . It means the LCD panel is exported mainly for TVs and small computers due to the increasing demand electronics monitor in the global market.

Export Genius has released a report on Vietnam LCD panel exports analysed on various data segments and this report has covered only HS Code 90138020 i.e. liquid crystal display panel & monitor. Let’s take a comprehensive look at the analysis of LCD panel export from Vietnam in 2017.

Vietnam LCD Panel Export Statistics by Month

We have mentioned the monthly export sales in our report by value and share value. It is exported to the global market throughout the year, except starting months of the year recorded low exports. As per Vietnam LCD panel export statistics, the country recorded highest sales in August (10.84%) while lowest sales recorded in January (3.09%). Our report also contains the quarterly statistics of Vietnam LCD exports. Vietnamese market is analysed on every aspect to provide in-depth analysis of market trends. Vietnam export data showed that the first quarter of the year recorded low demand in the global market with 14.33% value while after this period, the country did constantly exports of LCD devices. Here are the Vietnam LCD exports share values by month of 2017.


Share Value (%)

























** Values in USD are given in our report

How to get LCD Panel Export Data of Vietnam?

Export data of Vietnam is a market research source of analysing exporting activities with comprehensive data fields such as date, HS code, product description, brand, type, quantity, value, port of loading & unloading, Vietnam exporter name, foreign importer name, origin country, etc. Here is the sample of Vietnam LCD export data with major data fields.


31st December 2017

HS Code


Product Description

LSF490HN01-L07 # & liquid-crystal display un-mounted 49.0 INCHES




6000 pieces


USD 748260

Exporter Company

Samsung Display Vietnam Co.

Importer Company

Samsung Display Co. Ltd.

Export Country


Import Country


Loading Port

Hai An

Unloading Port

Tijuana BCN


To get in-depth knowledge of Vietnam export market with genuine trade statistics, our report is the right and useful option. How will our Vietnam market report help will in your business? It gives accurate answers of the following trade questions.

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              ·         What is the screen size of LCD panels exported by Vietnam?

              ·         Who are the genuine Vietnamese suppliers and foreign buyers?

              ·         What are the export price and quantity of Vietnamese LCD panels?

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Samsung is the Biggest LCD Brand Exported by Vietnam

Samsung continues to lead the Vietnam market, followed by HP with a very less market share. Vietnam is one of the key markets for LCD devices in the South-East Asia region. Vietnam is one of the few countries in the APAC region where Samsung is still enjoying a significant lead over its nearest competitor. Almost, all of the LCD shipments from Vietnam exported by Samsung brand only as it recorded 99.9% value of the total exports in 2017. The remaining exports were done by HP brand which recorded only 0.01% value during the same period.


Value (%)






Vietnam LCD TV Panel Exports by Screen Size

The screen size of LCD panel matters for any devices and the country is a major market for small computers and televisions. The sales electronic monitor devices have increased the demand for LCD panel in the global market and LCD display in different sizes exported majorly to the foreign companies. Vietnam had a small link in the global electronics supply chain in last decade but it is a big electronics production base in present times. LCD panel export data of Vietnam showed that the country has exported around 30 types of LCD screen and it mainly exports LCD panel of 55 Inch, 40 Inch and 49 Inch with the share value of 35.03%, 22.92% and 16.48% respectively during 2017. However, LCD panel with 55 inch & 40 inch is mostly exported in the Samsung brand while LCD with 15.6 inch is exported majorly in HP brand. Here is the table representing share values of Vietnam LCD export by screen size recorded during 2017.

Screen Size

Value (%)

55 Inch


40 Inch


49 Inch


65 Inch


48 Inch



Top LCD Panel Suppliers in Vietnam

Samsung brand has covered the whole market of Vietnam LCD exports in terms of both value and quantity. Samsung Display Vietnam Co. is the top LCD monitor exporter in Vietnam which recorded over 92% value of the total exports in 2017 and this company recorded quantity 96% share of the total exported quantity as it is also largest LCD TV panel manufacturer in Vietnam. Our report contains the list of LCD Panel Suppliers in Vietnam with their actual trading details. Some of them are given below.

              ·         SAMSUNG DISPLAY Vietnam Co.

              ·         Samsung Electronics Co. Hcmc Ce Complex

              ·         TAISHODO Vietnam Co.

              ·         HEWLETT - PACKARD Vietnam Co.

              ·         Funing Precision Component Co., Ltd.

              ·         Tosadenshi Vietnam Co. Ltd

Top 10 Vietnam’s LCD Panel Export Partners

According to Vietnam LCD panel export report, the country has exported LCD panel devices to around 30 countries around the world including China, Mexico, Slovakia, Malaysia, Turkey, South Korea, Brazil, Hungary, Hong Kong, and India etc. China is the largest LCD panel export market of Vietnam with 28.81% share value as China is also world’s largest LCD monitor buyer and the exports to China have been increased majorly in last five years. Check the share values of its top five export partners.


Share Value (%)












Why Buy Vietnam LCD Panel Export Report?

Export Genius is a reliable and trusted source providing market research report filled with customs details based on actual trade statistics. Apart from Vietnam customs data with shipment records, we also provide market research reports on product specifications. For instance, we can provide customized report on Vietnam exports of LCD panel & monitor, which includes analysis of country’s LCD market with graphical presentation. So, whether you want LCD shipment data of Vietnam of a particular year or business intelligence report on LCD display exports from Vietnam or both, simply connect with our sales representatives and let us know your data requirements.

We deliver authentic statistics to our clients and provide accurate information about trusted suppliers in Vietnam to select their best and genuine business companion. In our data, we cover all ports shipments and data is available on all digit HS Code level. It is based on shipping & export bills and collected from the country’s customs and port authorities.

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