Largest Cotton Exporting Countries in the World

01 August 2017
Cotton Export Data

The global sales from cotton exports by country amounted to nearly USD 52 Billion during the year 2016. The cotton HS code is 52. This broad classification category includes raw cotton, cotton yarn thread, woven fabrics, cotton waste and cotton sewing thread. Woven Fabrics of cotton and cotton yarn are the most exported cotton product globally. We take a comprehensive look at the top cotton exporting/ producing countries across the world. You will also get the details of top 5 exporters like in which countries they are exporting, at what value and which cotton item has exported most.

Cotton is a soft white fibrous substance which surrounds the seeds of the cotton plant. It is made into textile fibre and thread for sewing. In addition to textile products, cotton is used in fishnets, coffee filters, book binding etc. Cotton seed is fed to cattle and crushed to make oil.

Cotton Export Data – Country Wise Analysis

China stood as largest in cotton exporters across the world. China is followed by India, USA, Pakistan and Vietnam. There are around 170 cotton importers of China in which Bangladesh, Vietnam and Hong Kong are its major cotton importers. China cotton exports recorded USD 14965 Million during 2016 which accounted 28.6% of global cotton exports. Woven fabrics of cotton which come under HS code 5208 is the most exported cotton item by China. Refer the below table to check the 10 largest cotton exporting countries in the world.

Cotton Exporters

Value (USD Million)

Share in Value (%)
















Hong Kong















*above stats are based on report of 2016

India is one of the largest producers as well as exporters of cotton. Cotton plays an important role in the Indian economy as textile industry is predominantly cotton based. As per the cotton export data India, It did sales of USD 6262 Million from cotton exports during the year 2016 which represents 12% worldwide. It is exporting in more than 150 countries across the world. Bangladesh is the biggest cotton importer of India with the share of 23.1% followed by China (20.2%), Pakistan and Vietnam. Cotton yarn other than sewing thread (majorly containing cotton by weight) is the most exported cotton item from India as it generated USD 3163 Million during 2016. The carded or combed cotton is exported least from India.

United States of America is the third largest cotton exporter country in the world. It recorded value of USD 5677 Million from cotton exports. USA cotton exports represent 10.9% of global cotton exports. USA is exporting to more than 100 countries across the world including Vietnam, Mexico, Honduras, China, Turkey, Indonesia, India etc. According to cotton export data, the most exported cotton item by USA are cotton (neither carded nor combed) and cotton yarn other than sewing thread.

Pakistan is largely dependent on the cotton industry and it is grown as an industrial crop in 15% of the country’s land during monsoon months. Pakistan got 4th rank in the list of cotton exporting countries across the world. In 2016, the cotton exports sales of Pakistan worth of USD 3497 Million which accounted 6.7% of global cotton exports. Pakistan is exporting cotton to around 100 countries in which China, Italy, Turkey and Germany are its major markets. Cotton yarn other than sewing thread which come under HS code 5205 is the most exported cotton item by Pakistan.

Vietnam rank 5 among the top cotton exporting countries. It is followed by Hong, Turkey, Italy, Brazil and Australia. It recorded value of USD 2146 Million from cotton exports which represents 4.1% worldwide during the year 2016. Vietnam is majorly exporting to China only and its cotton exports accounted 80% of value to China i.e. USD 1717 Million. Korea, Turkey, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Cambodia are the other main markets of Vietnam. It is majorly exporting cotton yarn other than sewing thread containing more than 85% cotton by weight (excluding that put up for retail sale).

Sample – Cotton Exporters

If you want to import cotton, finding potential suppliers in the country is must. Our trade report reveals actual cotton exporters in India or any other country. Some of them are given below.

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