Indian Spices Export Statistics of Q2 2017 - Spice Varieties in India

06 September 2017
Spices Export Market

India is a home of great spice varieties including Cumin, Red Chilli, Pepper, Turmeric, Green Cardamom, etc. These are the most sought-after in the world for their exquisite texture, aroma, flavour and medicinal value. Traditionally, varieties of Indian spices are grown in small land holdings with organic farming has been gaining prominence nowadays. India is the largest producer and exporter of spices around the globe. It produces more than half of the spice varieties listed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Let’s follow up the Indian spices export statistics – Indian Spices Export Data of Q2 2017.

Spices Export Market of India – Key Highlights

             ·         Total export value of Indian spices recorded USD 546477657 in Q2 of 2017.

             ·         Cumin is the largest variety of Indian spice.

             ·         Maximum shipments of spices departure from Mundra Sea.

             ·         India exports spices mostly to the United States of America.

Top 5 Varieties of Spices in India

Spices export business in India has been on the great edge from the past decades. The country not only the world’s largest producer of spices but it is also the top exporting country of spices globally. If we analyse the latest information available on spices exports from India, we found that cumin is the largest variety of spice exported from India. During Q2 of 2017, it recorded 39% share in value of total spice exports. Let’s analyse export data of top 5 Indian spices list with picture.

Exported Spice Varaties


Value USD (%)

Value USD




Red Chilli









Green Cardamom




           1.    Cumin

Cumin is the dried and white fruit with greyish brown colour of a small annual herb. In India, it is popular called as Jira or Jeera in Hindi language. It is used as a condiment and an ingredient in curry powders. India is the largest producer of cumin spice.

The cumin export data of India shows that the country exported cumin spice the most in Q2 of 2017. Its total value in USD % and USD stood at 38.89% and 212542273 respectively. The three month export value of cumin is given below:

 ·         April: USD 124474359

 ·         May: USD 47128316

 ·         June: USD 40939597

This means India recorded decline in export value of cumin in May and June. In fact, both the months registered half the value of April month. India exported cumin maximum to the United States of America, which registered 18.61% share in value and USD 101724023 total value. And maximum shipments of cumin took place from Mundra Sea, which recorded 28.48% share in value and USD 155617707 total value. Click on Cumin Export Sample of India to know shipments of the product.

           2.    Red Chilli

Red Chilli

Red Chilli is the fruit, which belongs to the genus Capsicum. It is the member of the nightshade family, Solanaceae. It is widely used in many cuisines to add spiciness to dishes. Red chilli has become famous around the world because of its features like taste, pungency and flavour. Red chill is another variety of spices, which is exported from India.

According to red chilli export data of Q2 2017, it was 2nd most exported variety of spice from India. Its total value in USD % and USD stood at 18.40% and 100577510 respectively. Here are three month figures of red chilli recorded in second quarter of 2017.

               ·         April: USD 49492669

               ·         May: USD 27975195

               ·         June: USD 23109646

From this, it can be concluded that India registered a sharp decline in exports of red chilli in May and June 2017. India exports of red chilli were highest to Vietnam in the said period, which registered 6.64% share in value and USD 36281975 total value. Kattupalli sea port in India recorded maximum export shipments of red chilli, which registered 5.96% share in value and USD 32567669 total value. Click on Red Chilli Export Sample of India to know data columns.

          3.    Pepper


Pepper is a pungent hot-tasting powder and belongs to Piperaceae family. It is prepared from dried & ground peppercorns and used as a spice to flavour cuisines. It is the 3rd most exported variety of spice from India.

As per black pepper export data India, the country registered 16.26% share in value of total spice exports in Q2 of 2017. Its export value stood at USD 88872567 in the given period. The pepper export statistics of India registered in the three months are given below.

·         April: USD 28557369

·         May: USD 34313359

·         June: USD 26001839

So, after rising in the month of May, export value of pepper fell in June month. Like red chilli, India exported pepper mostly to Vietnam in Q2 of 2017. Its value in USD % and USD recorded 6.11% and 33377828 respectively. Kattupalli stood as the largest sea port from where maximum numbers of pepper shipments were departure from India in the said period. Click on Pepper Export Sample of India to understand data fields.

           4.    Turmeric


Turmeric is a rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plan, which belongs to the ginger family. It is used as the best Ayurvedic medicine to tread various health disorders. India is the largest producer of turmeric, which is exported as the 4th largest variety of spices.

Turmeric export data of Q2 2017 shows that India recorded 7.96% share in value of this variety of spice. Its export value stood at USD 43525565. Month-wise export values of turmeric are given below.

  ·         April: USD 14581995

  ·         May: USD 15683237

  ·         June: USD 13260333

After rise in export value of turmeric in May, India recorded a decline in value of the product in June month. India’s exports of turmeric were highest to Iran in the second quarter of 2017, which registered USD 5956184 total value. Maximum export shipments valued USD 25395745 of turmeric were recorded from JNPT. Click on Turmeric Export Sample of India to find columns of the data.

              5.    Green Cardamom

Green Cardamom></div><p class=

Green Cardamom is seeds from several plants in the genera Elettaria and Amomum family. It is the world’s third most expensive spice. In India, it is widely grown spice and exported all over the world. In fact, green cardamom is the fifth largest variety of spice.

A report on green cardamom export from India shows that the country recorded 3.17% share in value and USD 17327896 total value of this variety of spice in second quarter of 2017. Here is export value of three months.

   ·         April: USD 6244720

   ·         May: USD 6440880

   ·         June: USD 4642296

Above figures shows that India recorded a rise in export value of green cardamom in May but fall in June month. India exports green cardamom mostly to Saudi Arabia, which registered USD 9350924 total value. The country departed maximum shipments valued USD 6769640 of green cardamom from Cochin sea port.

Indian Spices Exporters Directory

For your reference, a list of spices exporters in India is given below:

Serial Number

Indian Exporter of Spice

Most Export Spice Type


Nedspice Processing India  Pvt. Ltd.



Nandyala Satyanarayana

Red Chilli


S. Jayavel Exim



Laxmi Enterprises



Mas Enterprises Limited

Green Cardamom


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