India Organic Food Exports Show Low Share Value Despite Demand

29 April 2021
India Export Data

India organic food export data shows that India exported organic products worth $515 Million in 2017. Organic food exports from India are in high demand after the pandemic and are still rising. India’s share in global exports for organic food products is, however, very low comparing the frequency of the exports.


Referring to the latest report - ‘The World of Organic Agriculture Statistics and Emerging Trends 2020’, shared by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) explains that India’s share in the exports for organic food items globally is less than 1%. This has come as quite a shock to many officials. One of the official from State for Commerce and Industry stated that even though the exports of organic products from India has increased and is still in the count, India’s share in global trade is still very low.


India rice export for non-basmati to Bangladesh has also increased in the year 2021. As stated by the official from Commerce and Industry, the cutback of import duty on rice by Bangladesh is likely to cause a steeping high demand by Bangladesh for Rice imports from India in the coming months of this year.


Following export data of India’s agriculture and processed food products shows the total USD value in millions, and USD value in percentage of share the products made in overall trade of food products. The data ranges April 2020 - February 2021. Full and original India food export data further shows the values of mentioned food products receiving an increasing demand in the later year of 2021 for the month of February. Fresh vegetables, along with processed fruits and vegetables both had growth by the percentile for the range of 100% as per the following values: Fresh Vegetables – 12%, Processed Vegetables – 36.59%, Processed Fruits & Juices – 7.32%. Look at India organic food product exports below:




Value USD Million

Value USD %

Fresh Fruits



Fresh Vegetables



Processed Vegetables



Processed Fruits & Juices




The reason for India's share in global exports of organic food is down since demand for the domestic market has increased in the present while certified organic productions are still quite low. A large bulk of the production is being consumed in India. India’s organic food consumption has been rising continuously for the past decade.


The growing demand for organic food in the domestic market of India is the by-product of the rising consciousness among people for using artificial chemicals in food production.


Along with the positive awareness spreading across the citizens of India, the factor of strict norms for imports by some major importing countries have caused the imports made from India less in those nations, as stated by an aforementioned official from State for Commerce and Industry. The official further added that imports are generally allowed only in the situation of bilateral equivalence agreements.


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