India Imports of Storage Devices – SD Card, Pen Drive & SSD Buyers List

08 September 2018
Imports of Storage Devices

Increasing usage of digital content has created an inevitable demand for cost-efficient and high capacity data storage devices including SD Card, Pen Drive and SSD. If we analyse latest report on storage devices import into India during Jan-Dec 2017, we found that total shipments valued US$ 214 million arrived at country’s various ports. SD Card recorded the highest import value, which contributed almost 50% of total imports of storage devices into India. Before gaining an overall knowledge about Indian import market of storage devices, particularly SD Card, Pen Drive and SSD; let’s quickly understand which details are covered in Export Genius data and report on India imported storage devices in 2017. 


What is Covered in Our India Import Data and Report of Storage Devices?

          ·         Details of Indian companies with their market share.

          ·         Name of Indian & foreign ports through which shipments take place.

          ·         Foreign countries with value of shipments.

          ·         Full product specifications such as brand, storage, model, value, quantity, etc.

Imports of Storage Devices into India in 2017

According to our market research report, India imports of storage devices that come under HS Code 85 valued US$ 214 million in 2017. The country imported 39053021 pieces of SD Card, Pen Drive and SSD in this year, in which SD card remained on top both in terms of value and quantity.

Value-wise, maximum shipments of storage devices arrived at India’s Sahar Air Cargo port, which valued at US$ 83 million and accounted 38.79% share in value. Quantity-wise, Chennai Air top the charts, which shared 42.21% value in total shipments of storage devices including SD Card, Pen Drive and SSD. From this port, total 16482565 pieces of storage device shipments arrived in the given year. Our report on storage devices can be analysed on the basis of:

·         Quarter

·         Product

·         Brand

·         Storage

·         Foreign Country

·         Indian Companies

Third Quarter Recorded Highest Shipments of Storage Devices – Quarter-wise Analysis

According to India import statistics of storage devices, the country experienced ups and downs in imports of SD Card, Pen Drive and SSD during all quarters of 2017. In first quarter, India imported storage devices worth US$ 59 million, while second quarter registered US$ 37 million shipments. And in Q3, storage devices shipments valued US$ 67 million arrived at Indian ports, which contributed the highest share of 31.24% in all quarters. In 4th quarter, value of storage devices declined and settled at US$ 50 million. Below given chart and table shows % share of storage devices in all 2017 quarters.


Value USD %










Monthly speaking, August and September recorded the highest number storage device shipments, which contributed more than 12% value in total India’s imports of storage devices. In these two months, the country purchased SD Card, Pen Drive and SSD worth US$ 26.7 million and US$ 26.0 million respectively. Lowest shipments of storage devices arrived at Indian ports in June month, which contributed mere 3.23% value to total imports.

India Mostly Imported SD Card in 2017 – Product-wise Analysis

Increasing usage of cameras and other multimedia functions amongst Indian consumers have resulted in the need for external storage devices including SD Card, Pen Drive and SSD. In addition to this, growing awareness towards mobile applications such as videos, music and photos is also increasing growth of the memory card market in India. In 2017, India imported SD Card worth US$ 105 million, which contributed 49.17% share to total imports of storage devices. Total 24836224 pieces of SD Card were imported by the country in given year.

Pen Drive is one of the largest segments in the Indian consumer electronics industry. The Pen Drive India market witnessed a boost in demand for higher capacity Pen Drives as there has been a consistent decline in the prices of this storage device over the past few quarters. As per business intelligence report on India imports storage devices, the country purchased Pen Drive worth US$ 76 million during 2017. Total 14001490 pieces of Pen Drive were imported by the country in given year.

Within the overall storage device market, Solid State Drive (SSD) segment posted high growth over the last three years in India. Major factors contributing to India’s SSD market include – rising numbers of data centres and growing demand for high-end computing systems for business segment. At present, data storage device market in India is dominated by Hard Disk Drive (HDD) segment. On the contrary, SSD segment is a niche market in India. A recent market research report revealed by Export Genius, the country purchased SSD worth US$ 32 million in 2017. Total 215307 pieces of SSD were imported by the country in given year. Below given chart and table shows % share of all three storage devices imported into India in 2017.


Value USD %

SD Card


Pen Drive





Storage Devices of Sandisk Brand Recorded Highest Import Value – Brand-wise Analysis

As India’s consumer storage flash memory market recorded more than 30% growth in 2017, SanDisk with almost 60% market share held the top slot as the most favoured vendor followed by Samsung in terms of unit shipments. Other major players of storage devices include – HP, Strontium, Kingston, Toshiba, Sony, WD and Dell. Let’s have a look at India import statistics of top 5 brands of storage devices.


Value USD %












32GB of SD Card & Pen Drive and 3.8TB of SSD Majorly Imported into India – Storage-wise Analysis

According to India import data of storage devices, the country imported SD Card and Pen Drive of 32GB storage capacity the most in 2017. And SSD of 3.8TB was imported majorly by the country in this year. But if we see overall shipments, India imported storage devices of 32GB the most during Jan-Dec 2017.


Value USD %

32 GB


16 GB


8 GB


64 GB


4 GB



China Stood as India’s Largest Import Source of Storage Devices – Foreign Country-wise Analysis

Today, China is the world’s largest producer and exporter of electronic products. So, India’s top import source of storage devices including SD Card, Pen Drive and SSD was China in 2017, which contributed 36.58% to total value. As per trade data of India, the country purchased storage devices worth US$ 78 million from China in the given year. Here is the list of India’s top 5 import sources of storage devices with their trade figures.

Foreign Country

Value USD %












List of Top Indian Importers of Storage Devices

Want to know which company in India imported SD Card, Pen Drive and SSD the most in 2017? As per Export Genius, a leading market research agency, Rashi Peripherals Private Limited purchased storage devices with market share of 30.95% during Jan-Dec 2017. It was followed by Compuage Infocom Limited with 14.16% share in total imports. Here is the list of 5 largest storage devices buyers in India with their share in values.

Indian Importer

Value USD %

Rashi Peripherals Private Limited


Compuage Infocom Limited


Ingram Micro India Private  Limited


Balaji Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Supertron Electronics Private Limited



So, want to export storage devices like SD Card, Pen Drive and SSD into India? Simply, get contact details of largest importers of storage devices in India in our import data of India and market research report. It covers a wide range of data fields that are important for analysing Indian market of storage devices. Below given sample will give you a fair idea about columns covered in storage device import data of India.


30 Dec 2017

Indian Importer Name with Address

**Available on Purchase Only

Indian Port

Chennai Air

Foreign Country


HS Code


Product Description

Sandisk Memory Storage Card W/Adapter SDSQUAR-032G-GN6MA, Ultra USD,98MB/S,C10


SD Card






32 GB


Class 10





Total Value (USD)


Import Duty (USD)



To Whom, Our India Customs Data of Storage Devices is Beneficial?

We collect import data of storage devices from Indian customs, which is based on shipping bills, invoices, export bills and other operational documents required in import export business. We track every shipment of SD Card, Pen Drive, SSD and other storage devices that arrive at Indian ports via sea, air & road. Our storage device import data of India is beneficial to trading companies of storage devices, logistics agencies, financial institutions such as banks, market research companies, NGOs and so on.

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