India Exports Non-Basmati Rice to China – Rice Export Data of India

20 July 2021
India Export Data

Rice is a cereal grain and the most widely consumed staple food for over half of the world’s human population, especially in Asia and Africa. It is the agricultural commodity with the third-highest worldwide production. India and China are the top producing countries and India is a leading exporter of rice in the world. India produced about 118 million metric tons of rice in 2019 and the country exported around 15,500 thousand metric tons of rice in same year. The latest trade development in India’s rice industry is that India’s non-basmati rice exports to China are expected to soar threefold this year. Learn more about on that story from India export data of rice and analyze India’s rice export market.

India Exports Rice Varieties to China 2020

After 2 years gap, China began importing rice from China in Jan 2021. It is expected that non-basmati rice exports from India to China will soar threefold this year. China majorly uses non-basmati rice in making noodles and wine. According to All India Rice Exporters Association (AIREA), in FY21, China had started sending import queries from November, but the country has become active from the very beginning of current fiscal. Let’s take look India’s varieties of rice exported to China in 2020.

Rice Variety

Value USD Million

Broken Rice


Semi-milled or Wholly Milled Rice



India Non-Basmati Rice Exports to the World (Apr 2020 to Mar 2021)

India’s non-basmati rice export market has grown in the recent times. China started importing Indian non-basmati rice after a gap of two years could be one of the major reasons. And of course, India’s neighboring countries like Bangladesh imported rice in good quantity during 2020 for providing free rice to poor people in Covid-19 pandemic scenario. Take a look at India’s exports of non-basmati rice to the world during Q1 of 2020 to Q1 of 2021.


Value USD Million

Apr-Jun 2020


Jul-Sep 2020


Oct-Dec 2020


Jan-Mar 2021



India’s Top 10 Export Partners of Non-Basmati Rice (Apr 2020 to Mar 2021)

India majorly exports non-basmati rice to Nepal, Benin, Bangladesh, Somalia, Senegal, Togo, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Cote D Ivoire and Iraq. Nepal and Bangladesh, the two neighboring countries of India are greatly depending on Indian non-basmati rice. During Q1 of 2020 to Q1 of 2021, India’s top 10 export partners of non-basmati rice accounted for 65% to total value of shipments. Understand market share of these countries.

Destination Country

Value USD %













United Arab Emirates




Cote D Ivoire





The demand for non-basmati rice increased to a record high of 13 million tonne last year as more countries including China importing the cereal amidst supply chain issues in ASEAN region and the Covid-19 pandemic.

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