How to Import Commodities from Turkey to the United Kingdom?

03 August 2022
Turkey UK Trade Data

Key Highlights

                  ·         Total trade of goods between Turkey & UK totaled US$19.2 billion in 2021.

                  ·         Turkey has been a crucial trading partner linking Europe and Asia.

                  ·         Air, sea, and road are the freight options to import goods from Turkey.


For centuries, Turkey has been a crucial trading partner linking Asia and Europe with its ideal transcontinental location. Today, the country enjoys close trading ties with the United Kingdom. In 2021, the total trade of goods between Turkey and the UK totaled US$19.2 billion, an increase from US$16.8 billion reported in 2020. Here is important information to consider when importing commodities from Turkey to the UK.

What to Import from Turkey

The United Kingdom imported goods worth US$15 billion from Turkey in 2021, an increase from US$11.4 billion reported a year earlier. Chapter-wise, UK’s top imports from Turkey were vehicles other than railway or tramway, electrical machinery & equipment, machinery, mechanical appliances, etc., knitted or crocheted apparel & clothing accessories, pearls & precious stones, and articles of iron & steel. Here is a list of commodities that the UK imported from Turkey in 2021.


Value US$ Million

Motor Vehicles for Transport of Goods with Compression-ignition, etc.


Bars, Rods, Wire, Sections, Sheets & Strips of Thickness


Motor Cars & Other Motor Vehicles Principally Designed for Transporting of <10 Persons


Electric Conductors for Voltage >80 V but <1000 V


Reception Apparatus for Television, Colour with LCD Screen


Electric Wire & Cables for Voltage <=1000 V


Radiators for Central Heating, Non-electrically Heated & Parts


T-shirts, Singlets & Other Vests of Cotton, Knitted or Crocheted


Fully-automatic Household or Laundry-type Washing Machines


Fully-length or Knee-length Stockings, Socks & Other Hosiery



Free Trade Agreement between the UK and Turkey

In 2021, the United Kingdom signed a trade agreement with Turkey, along the lines of a traditional free trade agreement. This agreement allows trade between the two countries to remain uninterrupted post-Brexit. Preferential tariff rates apply to trade between Turkey and the UK. The trade agreement includes –

                      ·         Competition

                      ·         Dispute settlement

                      ·         Intellectual property

                      ·         Provisions on preferential tariffs


      Without a deal, 75% of commodities imported from Turkey would be subject to tariffs.

How to Import from Turkey to the UK

Take a look at some of the major formalities that are required to import goods from Turkey to the United Kingdom:

                 ·         Complete a Customs Declaration Form

You must fill out the customs declaration forms and attach them to all goods arriving in the United Kingdom from abroad. You can get a broker to sort the customs declaration on your behalf.

                 ·         Get an EORI Number

When importing from Turkey, you are required to get an EORI number.

                  ·         Comply with Rules of Origin

You must comply with rules of origin so that you can benefit from any preferential tariffs. Origin country is the place from where goods get originated, which may not be from the country you’re shipping from, and which are covered in trade agreements.

                   ·         Complete an Import Declaration

You will need to include commodity code, consignment reference code, and customs procedure code in your import declaration. Commodity codes disclose how much duty your business needs to pay and if you need an import licence.

                    ·         Pay Tax

In order to get your goods released from customs, you have to pay applicable duty and VAT.

Freight Options

You can receive your goods from Turkey via air freight, road, or ship. Air freight is the quickest, but also the most expensive option. It will take between two and three days to receive goods using this method. Sea freight can take between 9 and 19 days whereas land will take up to around 40 days.

So, if you are planning to import goods from Turkey to the United Kingdom, just consider these options and analyze a complete trade picture before getting started.

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