How to Get Singapore Import Export Data?

13 October 2020
Singapore Import Export Data

In order to start importing goods from Singapore or exporting products to Singapore, market intelligence information is must for various aspects of import-export business. These aspects include finding the best & genuine trading partners in Singapore, making the right product choice and so on. But the major question is how to get Singapore import export data? In this article, you will learn some important and authentic sources to collect business information of Singapore companies and comprehensive Singapore shipment data.

Singapore Government Agencies

Trade and commerce ministries of Singapore and other government agencies provide import-export information with statistics of traded companies and commodities. They also update B2B data on their websites so that visitors and corporate holders check the latest market intelligence information and use it in their business. For instance, Department of Statistics Singapore is a government organization, which share information on country’s import-export activities through their website and help companies to grow their business.

Singapore Import Export Data Providers

A reliable import export data provider like Export Genius is also the best way to collect Singapore trade data with shipping details. They have direct sources to gather business information on traded companies and commodities. If you want to export goods to Singapore, you have to get Singapore import data, which will provide you details of Singaporean importers and other details.

And if you want to import goods from Singapore, you have to get Singapore export data, which covers Singaporean exporters, product specifications and other consignment information. So, get Singapore customs data is helpful to know what does Singapore imports & exports and which are their trading partners. Hence, you can take data -driven and focused decisions in your business and maximize your profits.

Singapore Embassies & High Commissions

Besides government agencies and market research companies, you can also gather information on Singapore market from Singaporean embassies, consulates and high commissions located in various countries all over the world. They can help you in locating the best trading partners and solving business issues as well. Below given table shows contact details of Singapore embassies located in countries which are Singapore’s top 5 trading partners.

Singapore Embassy

Contact Details

Singapore Embassy in China

Address: No.1 Xiu Shui Bei Jie, Jian Guo Men Wai, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100600 China.

City: Beijing


Phone: +(86)(10)65321115

Fax: +(86)(10)6532 9405


Singapore Embassy in Hong Kong

Address: Unit 901, 9th floor, Admiralty Centre Tower I, 18 Harcourt Road, Hong Kong.

City: Hong Kong


Phone: +852-2527 2212

Fax: +852-2866 1239


Singapore Embassy in Malaysia

Address: Suite 35.02, Level 35 , ohor Bahru City Square Office Tower 106-108, Jalan Wong Ah Fook 80000 Johor Bahru.

City: Johor Bahru


Phone: 60-7-226 5012

Fax: 60-7-226 5013

Website: http://

Singapore Embassy in United States

Address: 318 East 48th St, New York, NY 10017

City: New York


Phone: 212-223-3331

Fax: 212-826-5028


Singapore Embassy in Indonesia

Address: 4th Floor, Surya Dumai Group Building, Jalan Sudirman No. 395,, Pekanbaru 28116 Riau, Indonesia

City: Pekanbarua


Phone: 001-62 (761) 41010

Fax: 001-62 (761) 43555



Global Trade Events & Trade Promotion Councils

Attend global trade events to exhibit your product and find the best prospects. Trade fairs are organized in Singapore locally and other international fairs are also held all over the world. As an importer, you can see products which are exhibited and choose the best product and suppliers. Besides this, you can register with trade promotion councils to collect business information & contact details of companies. You can also analyze their market reports of traded commodities.

Internet & Periodicals

Internet is also an effective social and communication medium to collect Singapore trade statistics with shipment information in traded companies and commodities. You can access social accounts of companies and go through their business information. Even as an exporter, you can exhibit your product and find importers in Singapore. You can also access websites of market research companies, government agencies and other businesses to collect data. Besides Internet, you can read trade magazines and other periodicals based on import, export, market, companies & logistics and visualize various market reports on traded companies and commodities.

So, check these above-mentioned sources to collect Singapore import export data with shipping information on companies and market of Singapore.

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