How to Find Suppliers in Namibia?

13 July 2021
Namibia Export Data

If you’re starting a business and wanting to imports goods from Namibia, then you need to do is find active suppliers in Namibia – but how do you go about this? It’s not as easy as flipping through a catalogue and picking the first one that catches your eye. So, we have made this simple for you as we are listing best ways to find Namibian exporters.

Ways to Find Suppliers in Namibia Online

A vast majority of small or start-up businesses in Namibia will source their goods online. So, here are some ways to find Namibian exporters online:


You can check websites of government ministries, market research companies like Export Genius, export promotion council, embassies and other agencies covering Namibia export data and shipment details. You can also see individual websites of export companies who showcase their products and services to expand their business. Additionally, you can also check social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to check business profiles of export companies.

B2B Websites

You can access B2B company data from a reputed online platform and get connected with exporters in Namibia. Check the information you access and contact every company to gain full information. Investigate business of every supplier and choose the most trusted one.

Trade Associations

You can register your account with an appropriate trade association in Namibia of your product and get company information. Trade associations play an important role in connecting businesses and promoting industry.

Ways to Find Suppliers in Namibia Offline

Finding suppliers of Namibia offline or in person is a good way to minimize risk when importing goods from the country. You have an opportunity to meet your supplier face to face. Here is a list of ways how you can find exporters in Namibia offline:

Trade Shows

If you want to meet suppliers face to face, you should meet trade shows in Namibia. Trade shows and exhibitions display their products for you to examine. Although trade shows are a great way to meet your suppliers in person, there are two possible barriers including trade shows are industry specific and many aren’t open to the public.

Foreign Travel

You can travel to Namibia for business purpose. As you have list down Namibian exporters from Namibia trade data and other sources, you can directly visit them and search for their existence. You can compare their price, product and service and choose the best supplier of Namibia for your import business.

Once you find your supplier in Namibia, it is better for you to check business terms to avoid any future conflicts. You should clear everything with your supplier to build long-term business relationships. And of course, Namibia export data is the best way to keep a track on all trade activities of your supplier in Namibia.

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