How to Find International Buyers for Exporting Goods?

10 August 2017
International Buyers

As an exporter, finding active buyers for your products can be one of the most difficult challenges in your business, particularly when you’re just about to start. Supplying goods to another country is never easy; you need to go through language, cultural norms, travel barriers and trade policies in order to succeed. However, new & cutting-edge technology makes the world closer & smaller and finding overseas buyers much simpler than it was in the past. So, how to find international buyers for exporting goods? Let’s find an answer.

5 Best Ways to Find Buyers for Your Products

             1.    Approach Embassies

Embassies play a major role in providing international buyers directory. It is one of the free ways to find buyers for your products. Embassy of a particular country is located in almost all nations worldwide with representatives to assist importers, exporters and corporates for various business purposes. They can provide information about trading companies or agents that import commodities in bulk. For example, if you want to export products from China to India, you can approach Indian embassy located in China for getting best information about how to contact foreign buyers in India. Apart from this, embassies also provide specific details on market components.

             2.    Attend International Trade Events

Trade associations in the world organize international exhibitions and events on various industries in order to provide a platform to importers and exporters for finding new customers. These are great ways to get export buyers list and do business with trusted buyers only. For example, every year international trade fair is organized in New Delhi, India during November for bringing all global business leaders on one platform to boost their sales. Such type of events is organized around the world by various country-specific trade associations. So, for exporting goods into a particular country, these international trade events are best options to locate active importers in the world.

             3.    Connect to Government Sources

Every country in the world keeps the records of trade and updates notifications, circulars and public notices on their government websites. However, only limited information on import and export is shared in public and other confidential details are shared with few people only as per requirement. You can access trade information by visiting their websites or approaching their ministries for getting foreign buyers list in order to supply products to trusted importers only. This is one of the best and genuine ways to find international buyers for exporting goods around the world. Ministry of trade and commerce in every country generally provides details of global import export trade.

            4.    Contact Promotional Council

How to find overseas buyers? If you want to export products and are looking for trusted buyers, you can also contact to product-specific promotional council. For example, India has promotional council of coffee. Here you can find market updates on coffee industry with details of traders with whom you can do business. Promotional council play a distinct role in bringing corporates at one trusted destination for boosting their business capabilities. It covers info on market components, info on trade partners and database on products. So, you can contact to promotion council of a product which you want to export globally and get the statistics of that product for making sales hassle-freely. 


              5.    Go with Market Research Company

Market Research Company is the best and most authentic source of international importers directory for exporting goods around the world. It provides import export data along with shipments records that will help you to analyse the market in a better way. Business intelligence sources like Export Genius provide paid market research products and services in which you will get genuine information about active importers of your product around the globe. Besides above mentioned ways to find buyers for your products, this option is paid. Free online tools like samples with limited information, request for a demo and download samples in excel are provided by market research agents.

These above-mentioned ways to find buyers for your products will help you in exporting commodities successfully. If you want import data along with foreign buyers list, you can visit at and fill up the enquiry form. Few samples on your product will be given to you for knowing which data fields are covered in import data. It also provides export data on HS classified commodities.

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