How to Find Indian Importers & Exporters for Logistics Business?

01 March 2019
Find Indian Importers & Exporters for Logistics Business

Thinking about expanding your logistics business? Looking for active importers and exporters in India? Need not to worry! Export Genius Insight is just for you, from where you can explore thousands and thousands of genuine Indian importers and exporters with details of their employees and contact information of their key decision makers. Company intelligence data is a powerful tool for logistic companies to increase their customer’s list and maximize their business profits by accessing import export companies list of India. What Export Genius Insight is all about and how is it helpful for logistic industry? Let’s discuss its services and other sources to find import and export companies of India.

Start with a Good & In-depth Online Research

Research is important to success in any business. There are plenty of websites that can help you but Insight is the most trusted online platform, especially designed for shipping & logistic companies, freight forwarders, custom house agents and carriers to find more than 3,00,000 active Indian importers and exporters. The B2B import export data on companies will put you in contact with genuine buyers and suppliers in India for increasing your customer’s list.

For example, you want to get importer exporter list in Delhi or you only want exporters in Delhi/NCR, you can select your state in which you are looking for trading companies. Even you can select city and get the complete address of your selected companies.

There are other sources to find real buyers and suppliers in India. Let’s list few major ones!


Magazines, newspapers, newsletters and other periodicals are also useful ways to find an import export company for logistic business. These publications post market reports of importers, exporters, manufacturers and traders and their performance in import-export business. Most of the periodicals provide both online and offline access of content and graphics related to market research reports on top companies in India. For example, if you exporters list in Mumbai or list of exporters in Delhi, you can check periodicals that are published locally. You just have to login and use Export Genius dashboard and subscribe a plan for exploring import export companies in Mumbai or any other city.

You can see websites of various periodicals along with blog content, industry-based reports, etc. for knowing information of best import export companies in India. How Indian companies performed in import-export business during recent years? Who are their top traders? You can find all these details in these periodicals to some extent. However, there is one question, you can’t find in periodicals. How to contact them and reach their employees? This question is answered is perfectly answered by Export Genius, which has launched its new product Insight. This is mainly designed for logistics businesses, freight forwarders, carriers and CHA to find real importers and exporters in India with their employee’s information and contact details.   


Government Sources and Trade Events

Sometimes, the government authorities can be the best options to find importers and exporters with their trade volumes and contact details. You can check official websites of various government ministries and other institutions such as embassies and trade promotion councils. They update their websites with the latest trade volumes and other fields including company information, foreign country, port, etc.

Apart from this, you can also attend various national and international trade events that take place from time to time all over the world. You can participate in such fairs or exhibitions and meet business delegations including importers and exporters and approach them to have your best shipping and transport services.    


Both importers & exporters and logistic companies are depended on their services. Buyers, suppliers, manufacturers and traders are depended on freight forwarders to transport their container from designated port to the actual destination. And logistic companies provide transportation services to trading companies for increasing their customers and maximizing their business profits. So, if you own and operate a logistic company and looking for genuine importers and exporters in India with their contact information of its key decision makers, Export Genius Insight is just for you as it is the best and trusted platform for logistic industry.

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