How to Find China Customs HS Code? Search China Tariff Codes Online

03 November 2017
China HS code

The “N” number of companies are shipping all over the world. In import export business, classification of product is the most important step in the whole process. So, a global standard classification system is the must and needed. So, Harmonized System Code had been introduced for this purpose. It was presented in 1988 and it is developed & maintained by WCO (world customs organization). As an importer or exporter, it is necessary to fully understand and make proper use of it. HS code also known as customs tariff code in China is an internationally standardized system of names and numbers to classify traded products. Check the updated list of China HS Code at

All the shipments being imported into China will require a Harmonized System Code to be initiated on the customs declaration form. The determination of correct HS code for tariff classification purposes is important since the applicable customs duty for specific imported goods are determined according to China tariff codes. In this article, know comprehensive detail about China customs HS code with a suitable example, structure and its importance.

What is the Structure of HS Code in China?

In China, all the commodities are classified into 22 sections and 98 chapters in the Harmonized System. The first 6-digits of HS code are same in all countries. Customs of China modifies HS code by adding two or four digit as per their requirements without changing the first 6-digits. It further adds nine to ten digit level according to customs supervisions and relevant policy.

In China, HS codes typically consist of 8 to 10 digits. It means the first six digits are uniform across all WCO members and last digits are national subheadings assigned by China. Here, we take an example to understand the structure of Harmonized System in China. Let’s say HS Code of Guava is 08045010.

How to Find HS Code of Your Product in China?

You can easily find the HS code of your product online as per the China customs. Here, we are providing some steps to search online the China customs HS code list 2017:

                   ·         Go to the link

                   ·         The HS code page of different countries will appear 

                   ·         Click on the country’s flag named with HS code of China

                   ·         The list of China customs tariff code will be there

                   ·         Search HS code China by providing product name

The HS code of any product is given at each level i.e. 2-digit, 4-digit, 6-digit and 8 to 10 digit level. You could either search HS code by entering product description or by 2-digit chapter code.

Importance of HS Code in International Trade

Without a common system for product classification, the movement of commodities in international trade would be very slow and costly. Before the implementation of HS code before the year 1988, each item had to be classified under differing tariff systems. This slowed down international trade and making it complicated to do business in many countries. The Harmonized System is widely adopted throughout the world. However, it is widely used in following as mentioned below:

                     ·         Customs Tariff

                     ·         Collection of International trade statistics

                     ·         Rules of origin

                     ·         Trade negotiations

                     ·         Monitoring of controlled goods

                     ·         Transport tariff and statistics

                     ·         Areas of customs control and procedures

At last, tariff code is a common term in a global trade language and it is one of the most important elements to bring standardization to international trade. To do first time import in China, It is needed to pay attention to China customs tariff. The HS code list of China 2017 has been updated on the website of Export Genius. To remain in the win-win competition of import export business, you must be updated with latest HS code as per country’s customs.

At Export Genius, you can also access the Import Export Data of China based on actual on shipment records. We hope the given information is useful. If you any query regarding HS code or trade data, visit at
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