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25 July 2017
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Global sales from gold exports by countries in 2016 amounted to USD 327787 Million. Among continents, Asian countries accounted for the highest dollar worth of gold exports during the year 2016 with shipments amounting to USD 121853 Million which represents 37.2% of the worldwide total. The 4-digit HS code prefix for unwrought or semi manufactured gold is 7108. Switzerland is the largest gold exporter country as well as largest in gold importers in the world. Here, we take a comprehensive look at the top five gold exporting as well as importing countries in the world.

5 Largest Gold Exporters in the World

Switzerland stood as largest gold exporter country in the world. It recorded gold export value of USD 82265563 thousand during the year 2016. Switzerland gold exports represents 25.1% of total’s output of world. Switzerland is exporting gold to around 65 countries across the world. The gold product under HS code 7108 (Gold, incl. gold plated with platinum, unwrought) are the most exported gold plat by Switzerland. United Kingdom, China, India and Hong Kong are its top gold importers. The average distance of its importing countries is 5619 KM and the export concentration is 0.16. Export concentration reflects the degree to which a country’s exports are concentrated on a small number of products or a small number of trading partners. You can go through the following table to check the 5 largest gold exporters in the world.

Gold Exporter Countries

Exporter Country

Value in USD Thousand



Hong Kong








*above stats are based on report of 2016

Hong Kong stood as second largest gold exporter country which registered value of USD 54060499 thousand during 2016. Hong Kong’s exports represent 16.5% of world exports of gold including gold plated with platinum. Hong Kong is exporting gold in 20 countries around the globe while China, Switzerland, United Kingdom are its top gold importers. Hong Kong has generated 65% value of its gold exports from China only, which recorded USD 35049315 thousand in 2016.

United Arab Emirates registered value of USD 25770565 thousand from gold exports which represent 7.9% of world exports. It is exporting gold to around 40 countries across the world and Switzerland, Turkey, India, Saudi Arabia are its top gold importing countries. In gold exports, UAE is followed by United States of America and United Kingdom.

Top 5 Gold Importing Countries

Switzerland is the king of gold global market, it is also the largest gold importer country in the world. The country recorded USD 82874507 thousand from gold imports which represent 24.4% worldwide total’s output. It is importing gold items under HS code 7108 (Gold, incl. gold plated with platinum, unwrought or not further worked than semi-manufactured) in a large quantity. There are around 90 gold exporters of Switzerland and UAE, UK, USA are its top gold exporters. The gold industry of Switzerland has maintained constant value from gold imports since last years. After 2013, the country got a heavy declined in gold imports. As per the gold imports data, Switzerland is followed by China, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and India. Check the following table to know the top five gold importing countries in the world.

Importer Country

Value (USD Thousand)







Hong Kong




*above stats are based on report of 2016

China got the second rank in the list of gold importers across the world. It registered value of USD 63984721 thousand from gold imports and it represents 18.8% worldwide. China is importing from more than 25 countries   and Switzerland, Hong Kong, South Africa are its top gold exporters. However, China is importing half of its gold from Switzerland only.

United Kingdom is the 3rd largest gold importer while Hong Kong is the 4th largest gold importer. In 2016, UK recorded gold import of USD 57973103 thousand while it is USD 29535581 thousand for Hong Kong.

India stood as 5th largest gold importer country in the world. It recorded value of USD 22944490 thousand from gold imports during the year 2016. India gold imports represent 6.7% of world gold imports. As per the gold import export data India, there are around 40 gold exporter countries of India including Switzerland, UAE, USA, Ghana, South Africa, Peru, Canada etc. According to gold imports data, 56% of the gold imports in India are done through Switzerland only.

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