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25 April 2018
US Agricultural Exports

Agriculture is a major industry in the United States of America, which is a net exporter of food items. In 2017, total US exports of agricultural commodities valued above USD 140 billion. The largest regions of US agricultural exports are – East Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania. And top US exports of agricultural industry are – oil seeds, cereals, edible fruits & nuts and edible vegetables. Let’s have a detailed analysis of these products along with the major US export destinations of agricultural products. 


For American farmers, selling their products into foreign markets is becoming an ever-larger slice of their businesses with almost continuous robust economy growth in the past half century. According to Export Genius market research reports, income of 20% farmers comes from foreign trade and each billion dollars in annual US agriculture exports of about USD 140 billion recorded in 2017, supports 8,000 American jobs.

Continual advancement of agricultural production methods, shipping capacity, transportation infrastructure and modernization of international electronic financial transactions all enhance foreign trade. Furthermore, US dollar exchange rate against currencies of many US import export competitors has softened lately, making US agricultural goods cheaper abroad. All these factors have contributed in the growth of agricultural industry in the United States.

The USA is becoming more focused on animal and aquaculture feed, fruits, vegetables, high-protein foods and other specialty crops. For example, the US shipments of soybeans and soymeal to East and Southeast Asia have doubled in the past decade to 44 million metric tons in 2017.

5 Major Exports of the US in Agricultural Sector

What agricultural products are produced in the United States? Major agricultural products of the US are – corn, cattle meat, cow’s milk, chicken meat, soybeans, pig meat, wheat, hen eggs, tomatoes, potatoes, grapes, oranges, rice, apples and sugar beets. Here is the list of top 5 agricultural commodities in the USA exported during 2017 at 2-digit level HS Code.

Oil Seeds and Oleaginous Fruits

Oil Seeds Exportgenius

Oil seeds are the most exported products of the US in the agricultural sector at 2-digit level HS Code. The country supplied oil seeds worth USD 26 billion to the world during Jan-Dec 2017. Under HS Code 12, soya beans are exported the most, which recorded USD 21 billion value in the said year. According to US customs data, the country supplied oil seeds the most to China, followed by Mexico, Japan, Netherlands and Indonesia.


Cereals Exportgenius

Cereals are the 2nd largest export products of the US agricultural sector. Exports of cereals, which come under HS Code 10, amounted to USD 18 billion in 2017. Among cereal varieties, US exported maize the most in this year, which recorded USD 9 billion value. The country supplies cereals maximum to Mexico, Japan, China, Republic of Korea and Colombia.


Meat Exportgenius

Meat, which comes under HS Code 02 at 2-digit level, is the 3rd most exported agricultural product. US exports of meat valued at USD 16 million in 2017. Under this category, meat of swine valued USD 4 billion supplied maximum by US to the world countries in the said year. The largest buyer countries of US meant are – Japan, Mexico, Republic of Korea, Hong Kong (China), Canada and Taipei (Chinese).

Edible Fruit and Nuts

Fruit and Nuts

US exports of edible fruit and nuts (HS Code 08) valued at USD 14 billion in 2017. In this agriculture product category, dried fruits are exported the most by the United States of America. The country supplies edible fruits and nuts largely to Canada, Hong Kong (China), Mexico, India, Japan and Republic of Korea.

Edible Vegetables and Certain Roots & Tubers

Certain Roots & Tubers

Edible vegetables and certain roots & tubers are classified under HS Code 07. US exports of edible vegetables and certain roots and tubers valued at USD 4 billion during Jan-Dec 2017. Under this chapter, dried leguminous vegetables worth USD 1 billion supplied the most in this year. The top US export partners of edible vegetables and certain roots & tubers are – Canada, Mexico, Japan, United Kingdom, Taipei (Chinese), Netherlands, India and Spain.

US Top 5 Export Destination Countries

US exports of agricultural products to East Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania have tripled since 2000, which account for over 43% of the total exports. American-based farmers supply a lot of grain, cotton and other agricultural commodities in bulk in to the Pacific region, of course, even though the worldwide grain glut continues and the wheat juggernaut in the Black Sea region captures more of the wheat market. Here is the list of top 5 countries to which the US supplied goods the most in 2017.

US Top 5 Export


Value (USD Billion)









United Kingdom



Export Genius market research data and report gives in-depth analysis of US agricultural exports along with the largest agricultural exporters in the United States. It also gives information about foreign buyers of US agricultural products. Furthermore, US export data also covers other important fields including – date, bill of lading number, HS Code, US port, destination port, destination country, quantity, value, weight, vessel name, container number, etc. Here is US export data sample of rice.



Bill of Lading Number


Destination Country


Departure Port

Port Of Oakland, California

Arrival Port

Tsingtao, China

Shipper Name

Living Water Commodities A Di

Shipper Address

Of Hawkeye Gold, Llc 1000 Jorie Blvd., Suite 365, Oak Brook Il Us 60523

Product Description

Rice Bran Total MTS: 213.047      





Weight (KG)



OOCL Shenzhen


American President Lines


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