Energy Sector Outlook of Global Imports – Crude Oil Imports Remain High

21 December 2017
Crude Petroleum Oil

The energy sector is one of the talked-about industries as it involves a complete line of fields that are involved in the production and supply of energy, including fuel extraction, manufacturing, refining & distribution. As per Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System, all energy-based products come under Chapter 27, in which mineral fuels, mineral oils, bituminous substances and mineral waxes are covered. It rank 03 in total imports during 2016 with USD 1541231 million value, which declined from the previous year’s USD 1897874 million value. In particular, the energy industry comprises:

  i. The petroleum industry, including petroleum crude oil importers & exporters, petroleum refiners, fuel transport and end-user sales at gas stations.

   ii. The coal industry.

  iii. The gas industry including, coal gas manufacture, distribution & sales and natural gas extraction.

   iv. The renewable energy industry, including sustainable & alternative energy companies.

   v. The nuclear power industry.

   vi. The electrical power industry, including electric power generation, distribution & sales.

   vii. The traditional energy industry based on the collection & distribution of firewood, which is used for cooking & heating and common in poorer countries.

Global Import Performance of Mineral Fuels & Mineral Oils

Mineral fuels, oils and other commodities that come under HS Code 27 were the 3rd largest import products in the world during 2016. Petroleum crude oil was imported the most in this chapter in this year, which was followed by petroleum oil & oils obtained from bituminous minerals and petroleum gas. Here is the global import performance of top mineral fuels and oils.



Import Value 2016

Petroleum Crude Oil

USD 668808 Million

Petroleum Oil & Oils Obtained from Bituminous Minerals

USD 474867 Million

Petroleum Gas

USD 220661 Million


USD 84182 Million

Electrical Energy

USD 23482 Million

Coal Tar

USD 18243 Million

Petroleum Coke

USD 12088 Million


Mineral Fuel & Oil Imports by Product

Mineral fuel and oil and other bituminous minerals are a part of energy sector. Production and consumption of energy resources is very important to the global economy. Certainly, all economic activities require to these energy resources for manufacturing commodities, transporting goods from one country to another and running computers & other machines. Here is the list of products that are imported worldwide under Chapter 27:

           1.    Petroleum Crude Oil

Global imports of petroleum crude oil are the highest under Chapter 27. It the top most traded product in energy sector. China is the largest importer country of petroleum crude oil, followed by the United States of America and India. In 2016, US produced about 14.6 million barrels per day of crude oil, but it consumed about 19.6 million barrels per day crude oil. That is why US is also among the largest buyers of crude oil. Check out top importer countries of crude petroleum oil for exporting your product.

             2.    Petroleum Oil & Oils Obtained from Bituminous Minerals

Petroleum oil excluding crude is the 2nd largest imported product around the world in energy sector. It contains petroleum products that are made from crude oil. The import value of petroleum oil declined in 2016 by about USD 100 billion. With crude oil, petroleum oil has the highest share of energy consumption in the world. So, get petroleum oil import data with shipment details to have a wider trade picture of petroleum oil.  

             3.    Petroleum Gas

As per Product Complexity Index (PCI), petroleum gas is the 13th most traded product. Import data of petroleum gas shows that liquefied and gaseous forms are the largest import gases under HS Code 2711. Japan imports petroleum gas maximum around the world. For more info, see petroleum gas imports in the world right here.

              4.    Coal

Global coal imports show that China, USA and India are the largest producers and consumers of coal. However, all of them still import coal to meet their demand. Except US, China and India are the top-most importer countries of coal. As per media reports, India has been recording a rise in coal imports since 2015. And figures are likely to increase further after pet coke ban in major cities including Delhi amid rising pollution levels in Delhi/NCR. Know top 10 coal importer countries with their trade values right here.

               5.    Electrical Energy

Electrical energy is also one of the largest fields that have major contribution to the energy sector. Total electricity imports valued to USD 23482 million in 2016. The United States of America is the top-most importer country of electricity with total import value amounted to USD 2192 million in 2016. It imports electrical energy maximum from Canada. To get other major importer countries of electrical energy, buy full import data of electrical energy. 


               6.    Coal Tar

Coal tar is a very thick and dark liquid with a number of industrial and medical uses. It is one of the largest trading products in the energy industry. In fact, global coal tar imports registered a rise in 2016. From 2015’s USD 17371 million, the import value of coal tar rose to USD 18243 million. Get coal tar oil trade picture right here.

               7.   Petroleum Coke

As per pet coke import statistics 2016, USD 12 billion of pet coke was imported by global countries. It registered a fall in import value during this period from 2015’s USD 16 billion. There are majorly two types of pet coke namely non-calcined and calcined. Non-calcined pet coke is imported the most around the world. In 2016, USD 3392 million of non-calcined pet coke and USD 2442 million of calcined pet coke was imported around the world. India is the largest importer country of pet coke, followed by China and USA with share in value recorded 12.20%, 11.70% and 6.70% respectively. Access our complete report on pet coke imports for better analysis. 

Mineral Fuel & Oil Imports by Country

China is the largest importer country of mineral fuels, oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals with USD 176 billion value recorded in 2016. It was followed by the United States of America with USD 163 billion and Japan with USD 110 billion. As we know petroleum crude oil is the top-most imported product under Chapter 27 globally, the biggest importer country of this product is China with USD 116 billion value recorded in 2016. USA and India stood as the 2nd and 3rd largest importer of petroleum crude oil with USD 108 billion and USD 60 billion values respectively. Here is an overall look of 5 largest import products of Chapter 27 with their 5 top-most importer countries recorded in 2016.


Top Importer Countries

Petroleum Crude Oil

China (USD 116660748 million), US (USD 108066 million), India (USD 60869 million), Japan (USD 50767 million) & Korea (USD 44294 million)

Petroleum Oil & Oils Obtained from Bituminous Minerals

US (USD 41279 million), Singapore (USD 33090 million), Netherlands (USD 24495 million), Mexico (USD 18048 million) & Germany (USD 16922 million)

Petroleum Gas

Japan (USD 34323 million), Germany (USD 23265 million), China (USD 23002 million), Korea (USD 14884 million) & Italy (USD 12372 million)


Japan (USD 15242 million), India (USD 12707 million), China (USD 11510 million), Korea (USD 9232 million) & Germany (USD 3798 million)

Electrical Energy

US (USD 2192 million), Italy (USD 1866 million), Switzerland (USD 1490 million), Hungary (USD 1127 million) & Germany (USD 1107 million)


Energy sector is a crucial part of the infrastructure and maintenance of society in almost all countries. So, if you want to expand your business into any of the fields of energy industry, simply get import data of any of the product listed under Chapter 27 from Export Genius. We are a leading business intelligence source for import export data of petroleum crude oil, shipment data of petroleum oil, import customs data of petroleum gas, trade data of coal, import export data of electrical energy, import export statistics of coal tar oil, and pet coke trade statistics. Here is US import data sample of petroleum crude oil for your reference to know which data fields we cover in our report.



Estimate Arrival Date


Actual Arrival Date


Bill of Lading


Manifest No.


HS Code


Product Description

Colombian Steam Coal In Bulk<Br/>

Shipper Name

Glen C I Prodeco S A

Shipper Address

C I Prodeco S A On Behalf Of Glen C I Prodeco S A On Behalf Of Glen

Consignee Name

Tampa Electric Company

Consignee Address

P O Box 111 Tampa Fl 33601

Notify Party Name

Tampa Electric Company

Notify Party Address

P O Box 111 Tampa Attn: Director Fuelsfl 33601



Weight In KG




Weight Unit


Loading Port

Puerto Nuevo

Unloading Port

1801, Tampa, Fl

Place of Receipt

Puerto Nuevo


EC, Ecuador


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