Energy Industry Analysis – Energy Sector Performance in Global Exports

22 December 2017
Energy Industry Export

The energy industry is the combination of all industries involved in the production and supply of energy. It consists of two industries – energy equipment & services and oil, gas & consumable fuels.  It mainly includes exploration and development of oil & gas reserves, oil & gas drilling and refining, manufacturing and distribution. Energy sector is an important part of the infrastructure and maintenance of society in almost all countries across the world. Performance in the sector is driven by supply and demand for worldwide energy. It is known for large capital expenditures, research and development spending and legal expenses.

Petroleum oil, petroleum gas, coal, electrical energy and coal tar oil are the top export commodities of the energy sector. Here, we take a comprehensive look at the analysis of energy sector products exports by country and industry wise.

Energy Sector – Mineral Oils & Mineral Fuels Exports by Country

Saudi Arabia, Russia, USA and Canada are the largest market players in the energy sector who supplied maximum energy equipment and services to the world. Global export sales of energy sector including mineral fuels & oils and products of their distillation amounted to USD 1487327 million in 2016. It has seen a declination in global exports of this sector by 4% from 2012 to 2016. Here is the tabular and graphical representation showing the top importer country of energy sector products with the trade figures and share value recorded in 2016.


Value (USD Million)

Share Value (%)

Saudi Arabia






























*above stats are based on 2016 report

Industry Wise Analysis of Energy Sector Exports

The energy industry consists of petroleum industry, gas industry, coal industry and electrical power industry. Here, we analysed the energy industry mainly on the basis of top export commodities globally which comes under these four sub categories.

    1.  Petroleum Industry

The petroleum industry includes oil companies, petroleum refiners and fuel transport and end user sales at gas stations. The industry mainly exports crude petroleum oil, petroleum oil obtained bituminous minerals, pet coke and petroleum jelly. Let’s take a look at trade figures of petroleum industry export commodities.

Crude petroleum oils obtained from bituminous minerals is the most exported commodity of energy industry and the global export value stood at USD 655327 million during 2016. Saudi Arabia stood as the top country in petroleum crude oil exports. The global export sale of this product is decreased by 23% in terms of value between 2012 and 2016.

Petroleum Oil obtained from bituminous minerals excluding crude is another most exported product in the world. The global export sales of this product worth USD 499177 million during 2016 and its exports is declined by 17% during 2015-16.

Petroleum Jelly is the less demanded petroleum product in global import export business. The exports of this product stood at USD 3128 million in 2016 and China supplied highest petroleum jelly to the world.

    2.  Gas Industry

The gas industry mainly includes natural gas extraction and coal gas manufacture as well as distribution and sales. Petroleum gas, coal gas, water gas, producer gas are the products of gas industry. Check the export analysis of the industry by products.

Petroleum Gas is the main traded product of gas industry. It mainly includes natural gas, propane, butanes and gaseous hydrocarbons. Petroleum gas global exports amounted to USD 183299 million during 2016. It has seen a heavy declination in exports by 39% during 2015-16. Qatar is the largest supplying country of petroleum gas in the world.

Coal Gas, water gas, producer gas, lean gas and similar gases excluding petroleum gases recorded global export value of USD 21.18 million during 2016. Global exports of these products raised by 46% between 2012 and 2016. However, it is also declined by 70% of value during 2015-16. Turkmenistan is the top supplying country of coal gas in the world.

    3.  Coal Industry

It includes all types such as anthracite, bituminous, briquettes and others. It mainly consists of coal, coal tar oil, lignite, peat, bituminous mastics and bitumen.

Coal is the main product which is exported majorly to the world. Bituminous coal is the most supplied coal to the world. The global coal exports worth USD 73372 million in 2016 and Australia is the producing and supplying country in the world. As per Coal Industry Global Market Report, Australia represents around 40% of the global coal exports.

Coal Tar Oil is the oil which is obtained from the distillation of high temperature coal tar. Global exports of coal tar oil amounted to USD 14432 million during 2016 and it is increased by 11% in terms of quantity between 2012 and 2016. Netherlands is the world’s top supplying country of coal tar oil.

    4.  Electrical Power Industry

Electrical power industry comprises electricity generation and electric power distribution & supply. Electrical Energy is the only resource of this industry which is supplied to another country. Electrical energy is generated by generating stations and transmitted to load centers to reach its destinations. Electrical energy global exports amounted to USD 24900 million in 2016 and Germany is the largest electricity exporter in the world. Here, we go through the performance of top trading countries of electrical energy in 2016.

How to Get Energy Sector Products Export Data?

Energy industry is one of the growing and largest sectors in the world. The energy sector is bigger and more expanded than just oil and gas industry. If you are in import export business of coal, crude oil, petroleum or any other product. You can find the new importers and exporters for your product with the help of trade data. It mainly includes buyers, suppliers, price, value and other shipment details. Here is the sample of coal exports from USA and the other details like importer, exporter, price etc. are given in trade data.



Destination Country


Departure Port

Port of Long Beach, Long Beach, California

Arrival Port


Origin Country

United States

Product Description

Coal base carbon raw material 4mm cocoanut base carbon raw material 12x40 coco total no. packages = 53 freight prepaid





Net Weight

40824 KGS


We at Export Genius provides the import export data of energy sector products of any particular country. You can also access the trade data of your product and know the market trends which will help you to make productive decisions in your business. For any further clarifications, just fill up a quick enquiry form on our website i.e. or email at or call at +91-11-47048012

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