Egg Export from India in 2017 – List of Largest Egg Suppliers in India

09 April 2018
Egg Export Data

India is one of the largest egg producing countries and 17th largest egg exporter country in the world. Poultry is one of the fastest growing sector of the agriculture in India. The production of eggs has been rising at the rate of 8% per annum. Different types of Birds’ eggs in shell, fresh, preserved or cooked are mainly classified under HS Code 0407. India egg exports value stood at USD 33.03 million in the year 2017.

Table egg and hatching eggs are India’s most exported types of eggs to other countries. India exports three-fourth of the eggs to Oman only as it is biggest egg export market for India. The maximum egg shipments of India are departing from Tuticorin Sea. In this article, we are discussing the analytical report of egg export from India which is analysed on the basis of HS Code, types, exporting states, exporters and Indian ports.

HS Code Wise Analysis of Egg Exports

Fresh eggs of fowl species which comes under HS Code 04072100 and recorded 66.85% value of the total egg exports from India. As per the egg export statistics, here is the list of different HS Codes of eggs exported by Indian traders in the year 2017.

HS Code 04072100 Fresh eggs of fowls of the species gallus domesticus

HS Code 04071100 Birds eggs of fowls of the species gallus domesticus

HS Code 04079000 Fresh eggs in shell, preserved or cooked

HS Code 04071990 Fertilized bird eggs for incubation

HS Code 04072900 Other fresh eggs excluding fertilized for incubation

HS Code 04071910 Ducks eggs in shell, fresh, preserved or cooked

Types of Eggs Exported from India

India Exports seven types of eggs to the world which are Table Eggs, Hatching Eggs, White Shell Egg, Fresh Egg, SPF Egg, Duck Egg and Quail Egg. India exports of table eggs and hatching eggs stood at 35.09% and 31.53% of the total egg exports which was USD 11.59 million and USD 10.41 million respectively in the year 2017. Check the following table to know the share value of different types of eggs exported from India in the said year.


Value (%)

Table Eggs


Hatching Eggs


White Shell egg


Other Eggs



8 Largest Egg Exporter States of India

As per egg export report of India released by Export Genius showed that eight Indian states are exporting eggs to other countries. Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Kerala are the largest egg exporting as well as egg producing states of India. Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi and Karnataka are next in the list of biggest egg exporting states of India. Tamil Nadu is the biggest egg exporter state of India as more than half of the eggs are exporting from this state only. Let’s check the share of Indian egg exports from different states and their value based on 2017 trade report.

Indian State

Value (%)

Tamil Nadu








West Bengal


Andhra Pradesh







List of Egg Suppliers in India

According to egg export data, there are around 50 egg suppliers in India. Uttara Impex Pvt Ltd is the largest egg supplier in India which recorded 28% value of total egg exports from India. Here are the names of some egg exporters in India.

           ·         Uttara Impex Pvt Ltd.        

           ·         Finesse Market Link

           ·         VKS Foods Private Limited

           ·         Ponne Product Exports

           ·         Aishwarya Feeds

           ·         Hari & Co International LLP

           ·         VKS Agencies India Pvt Ltd

Top 5 Egg Export Partners of India

India has exported different types of eggs to 24 countries across the world. Oman, Maldives, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Comoros, Iraq and Iran are the main egg exports destinations of India. India egg exports to Oman worth USD 24.12 million which represented 73.02% of the total exports during 2017. Maldives is the second largest egg export partner of India and 15.30% value of egg shipments (USD 5.05 million) arrived in Maldives in the year 2017. Let’s the values of top five Indian egg export partners.


Value (%)

Value (USD Million)

















Biggest Indian Ports of Egg Exports

The egg shipments are departing to the global market from nine ports of India. Tuticorin Sea is the biggest Indian port which departed 65.34% of the total eggs. It is followed by Sahar Air Cargo recorded 24.82% value of the egg shipments. Bangalore Air, Hyderabad Air and Kattupalli Port Sea are other biggest egg exporter ports. Refer the below table to check the top five Indian ports of egg exports and their share value recorded in the year 2017.

Indian Ports

Value (%)

Tuticorin Sea


Sahar Air Cargo


Bangalore Air


Hyderabad Air


Kattupalli Port Sea



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