Ecuador Cell Phone Import Report of Q1 2017

02 June 2017
Phone Import Report

Ecuador stood as 13th largest mobile phone importer in the American countries and got 76th rank across the world in 2016. The country has registered import value of USD 375378000 during last year. As per the Ecuador trade statistics of cell phone imports, a total import value of USD 46.55 Million has registered during the first quarter of the year 2017. A raise in the mobile import business has seen in Ecuador during these three months. The mobile phone import value registered in January, February and March is USD 10.84 Million, USD 14.31 Million and USD 21.38 Million respectively. You will know about the following facts in this article.

·         Which brand has registered highest import value in Ecuador during Q1 2017?

·         Which is the most imported model of mobile phone?

·         List of top Ecuador cell phone companies (importers).

·         Which are the largest mobile phone exporter countries of Ecuador?

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Ecuador Cell Phone Import : Brand Wise Analysis

Samsung is the most selling brand of mobile phone in Ecuador. Samsung mobile phones registered highest import value from January to March 2017. However, the import value of Samsung is USD 29.37 Million while it is USD 6.21 Million for Apple brand mobile phones.

If we analyse by the total quantity of mobile phones imported in Ecuador, again Samsung is top in the list with 206658 pieces imported during the first quarter of year 2017. You can go through the following table to check the brand wise analysis of mobile phone import data of Ecuador.

Brand Wise Analysis

Brand Name

Import Value (in Million USD)















*above stats is based on Q1 2017 report

Ecuador Cell Phone Import : Model Wise Analysis

Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini has imported most mobile phones (59233 pieces) in Ecuador from January to March 2017. It is followed by Galaxy J7 and Galaxy J1 Ace with import of 42800 pieces and 29173 pieces respectively. However, Galaxy J7 has registered highest import value of USD 8.9 Million during Q1 2017. Iphone7 model, due to its high cost as compared to other mobile phones in the market, has registered second highest import value of USD 4.3 Million. Check the following table to know the top 5 imported model of mobile phones in Ecuador during Q1 2017.

Model Wise Analysis

Model Name

Quantity (In Pieces)

Galaxy J1 Mini


Galaxy J7


Galaxy J1 Ace


Pixi 4


Galaxy J3


*above stats is based on Q1 2017 report

Ecuador Cell Phone Companies (Importers)

There are around 70 active mobile phone importer companies in Ecuador. Consorico Ecuadoriano is the largest mobile phone importer in Ecuador with the import value of USD 20.99 Million during Q1 2017. While the company has imported 166482 pieces of mobile phones which are 41.88% quantity out of total quantity (395090 pieces). The company has imported mobile phones of various brands such as Samsung, Apple, Huawei, LG, Sony, Freetel and Alcatel. The companies like Otecel SA, Consortium Ecuatoriano, Lidenar SA and Duocell SA are next in the list mobile importers in Ecuador. Here is the list other top Ecuador cell phone companies.

Importer Name

Import Value in USD

Consorcio Ecuadoriano De Telecomunicaciones Sa Conecel


Otecel SA


Consortium Ecuatoriano Telecommunications Sa Conecel


Lidenar SA


Duocell SA


National Telecommunications Corporation CNT EP


Alphacell SA


Intcomex Del Ecuador SA


*above stats is based on Q1 2017 report

Ecuador Mobile Phone Import: Exporter Country Wise Analysis

Ecuador has imported nearly 70% of mobile phones from China during the first quarter of year 2017. China is followed by Vietnam, USA and Hong Kong. China has exported various brands of mobile phones in Ecuador such as Samsung, Alcatel, Huawei, Freetel, Yezz, Apple, BLU, B Mobile, Sony, Logic, LG etc. It has majorly exported Samsung mobile phones to Ecuador in a quantity of 147131 pieces from January to March 2017. Ecuador registered mobile phone import value of USD 30.54 Million from China. You can refer the below table to check the mobile import value of Ecuador registered from other foreign countries.

Country Wise Analysis

Exporter Country

Total Value in USD





United States


Hong Kong




*above stats is based on Q1 2017 report

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