Cotton Export from India to Global Countries – Cotton Export Data 2017

01 May 2018
Cotton Export Data

India is one of the largest cotton producers and second largest cotton exporter in the world. Cotton is a standard crop of India and a major raw material for domestic textile industry. Indian cotton industry is second in largest employer after agriculture industry and providing employment more than 110 million people directly or indirectly. According to ministry of commerce & industry, Indian textile industry contributes around 5% to India’s GDP, 14% to industrial production and 11% to total export earnings.

Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are the cotton producing states in India. In export import business, cotton is classified under HS Code 52. Here is the list of cotton varieties exported from India.

            ·         Cotton yarn other than sewing thread

            ·         Cotton neither carded nor combed

            ·         Woven fabrics of cotton

            ·         Cotton waste

            ·         Cotton yarn containing predominantly

            ·         Cotton sewing thread

            ·         Cotton, carded or combed

            ·         Cotton yarn put for retail sale

A report on Cotton export from India released by Export Genius which is analysed on various segments and based on actual shipment records. Let’s take a look that you will gain from our report.

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           ·         Get the list of cotton buyers across the world.

           ·         Know at what rates and quantity Indian cotton is exported to other countries.

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Cotton Export from India to World in Last 5 Years

Cotton export from India to the world stood at USD 6897 million in 2017 and it was USD 6262 million in the year 2016. Check the Indian cotton export statistics between 2013 and 2017.

Cotton Export from India


Value (USD Million)












Top 10 Cotton Export Partners of India

Cotton export data shows that India is exporting different types of cotton to more than 150 countries across the world. Bangladesh and China are the largest export destinations for Indian cotton. Pakistan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Korea, Egypt, Portugal, Indonesia and Turkey are other main export destinations for Indian cotton. In the given table below, check their import figures recorded during 2017.

Cotton Export Partners


Value (USD Million)









Sri Lanka













Bangladesh is the largest importer of Indian Cotton

Bangladesh has emerged the largest importer of Indian cotton since 2016. Cotton export from India to Bangladesh stood at USD 1735 million in 2017 and recorded USD 1446 million in the year 2016. Earlier, China has remained the biggest cotton export market for India.  Cotton excluding carded or combed (HS Code 5201) and cotton yarn other than sewing thread (HS Code 5205) are majorly exported to Bangladesh from India. Due to no restrictions on the import of Indian cotton in Bangladesh, traders mainly and majorly prefer Indian cotton. And the sourcing cotton from India is more cost effective and less expensive in comparison to other countries.

Cotton Export from India to China

Cotton export from India to China worth USD 1147 million in the year 2017 and it was 1263 million in 2016.China is the second largest cotton export market for India. Excluding last two years, China has remained the biggest buyer of Indian cotton. During last two years, China has not imported Indian cotton majorly because of large reserves of the crop within the country itself. In the cotton category, China mainly purchases cotton yarn other than sewing thread from India as it is the demanded cotton. According to Cotton Association of India, India had exported 63 lakh bales of cotton last year and each bale has nearly 170 kilograms of cotton.

Cotton Association of India

Cotton Association of India

CAI stands for Cotton Association of India, represents all segments of the cotton trade and textile industry including importers and exporters, mill buyers, merchants, brokers etc. CAI is represented on various international cotton for like IFCP & ICAC and several other international cotton associations.

It offers cotton testing services to its members at a special concessional rate. It fixes spot rates of all major growths of Indian cotton, maintains Indian cotton grade standards and issues certificates of origin to Indian cotton exporters.

Cotton Textile Promotion Council of India

Cotton Textile Promotion Council of India

Cotton Textile Promotion Council is also known as TEXPROCIL and has a membership of about 3000 companies (including exporters and manufacturers) spread across major textile clusters in India. TEXPROCIL takes part in national and international events to advertise and promote Indian cotton in various leading trade magazines and organizes buyer-seller meets.

It provides information to overseas customers about Indian cotton companies and also defends Indian exporters from non-tariff barriers and anti-subsidy investigations.

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Here is the sample of Cotton export data of India including the major data fields that we have covered in our report.


24 November 2016

HS Code


Product Description

Cotton woven FAB. 100% cotton, >200 GSM of yarn of different colours, plain weave, SHT. FAB

Loading Port

Ahmedabad Air

Unloading Port






Total Value

USD 69601.49

Unit Rate

USD 133.98

More shipment details

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