Cosmetic White Oil Predictable To Receive High Demands by 2026

28 May 2021
Global Trade Data

Cosmetic white oils manufacture from the high grade paraffin base oils. These oils are biologically stable with no tolerance level for pathogenic bacteria support. These oils are used in manufacturing of several care products such as hair care, skin care, and more. The industry is expected to rise the supply chains by the year 2026 as the forecasted period for the product has been found 2026, in which it’s expected that it will exceed more than what is bringing right now.


Changing climatic conditions are bringing a constant need to care for the skin. Hence, demands for such products are likely to create an expansion in the business of the cosmetic white oils, considering being an important component to be used in manufacturing of the cosmetic and beauty products. Increasing demand for organic and natural products are on the top of the priority list for many customers around the world. Get the latest insight and intelligence on the cosmetics industry and cosmetic white oil from Export Genius.


Top Exporting Countries For 2020


As shown in the cosmetic white oil export data, the top countries exported cosmetic white oil in the year 2020 were France with a share in global exports by a total value of $8.9 Billion, followed by Singapore with a total value of $6.2 Billion, South Korea with a value of $6.1 Billion, Japan with a $5.2 Billion, the USA with a value of $5 Billion, and so on as per the list of countries provided below. Look at the export data of cosmetic white oil and observe trade figures of each country for the product’s trade activities which took place in the year of 2020.




Value USD Billion





South Korea




United States of America


Hong Kong






United Kingdom





Cosmetic White Oils Opportunities


The key players for the cosmetic white oil are as follows: ExxonMobil Corporation located in the United States, Sinopec located in China, Sonneborn LLC located in the United States, Royal Dutch Shell PLC located in the Netherlands, Renkert Oil located in the United States, Seojin Chemical located in South Africa, Chevron located in the United States.


The demand for several of these products was down due to the pandemic as compared with the previous years’ trade performances for the product, but it has a huge chance, especially in the United States of America, according to the sources, for business opportunities by 2026. Obtain the authorization for exclusive information of companies and importers and exporters for business opportunities in the USA from Export Genius, and start growing your business.

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