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08 August 2019
Vietnam Coal Import

Coal is the second largest import commodity of Vietnam under fuel category. And mineral fuels and oils which come under Chapter 27 are fourth major imports of the country. Vietnam imports of coal valued at US$ 1894 million in 2018, which rose from the previous year’s value of US$ 7308 million. According to the latest statistics released by Vietnam Trades, Vietnam imported about 23 million tonnes of coal, which valued US$ 2.17 billion between January-July 2019. Major suppliers of coal to Vietnam were Australia, Indonesia, Russia, Canada and Mozambique. Let’s get through the larger picture of Vietnam imports of coal with customs data and statistics.

Vietnam Coal Import Outlook

Vietnam imported about 23 million tonnes of coal worth US$ 2.17 billion between January-July 2019. Imports rose by 108% in volume and 69.5% in value from the same period last year. According to Vietnam import statistics, the country recorded higher growth rate of coal imports than that of value because the import price of coal reduced to US$ 95.2 per tonne from US$ 117 in the same period last year. Interestingly, the total volume of imported coal from the first day of this year until July 15 exceeded the amount imported during all of 2018 by about 57,000 tonnes.

Vietnam coal imports 2018 valued at US$ 1894 million in which bituminous coal was the largest purchase. Our Vietnam shipment data of coal shows that the country purchased bituminous coal worth US$ 1421 million in the last year. Below given chart highlights the three major types of coal import in Vietnam 2018.

Type of Coal

Value in USD Million

Bituminous Coal


Coal, whether or not pulverized


Anthracite, whether or not pulverized



Vietnam Coal Import Partners in 2018

Where does Vietnam import coal from? In the first half of this year, Indonesia, Australia, Russia and China were the four largest suppliers of coal to Vietnam. Coal import data of Vietnam shows that the country purchased about 7.3 million tonnes of coal worth US$ 461.7 million from ASEAN countries in the first six months of the year.

Talking about last year i.e., 2018, Vietnam’s largest import source of coal was Australia, followed by Indonesia, Russia, Canada and Mozambique. Vietnam import data of coal shows percentage share of country’s top 5 import sources.


Value in USD Million

Percentage Share

















Vietnam Coal Imports Sample

Are you ready to import coal into Vietnam? Or do you want to supply coal to Vietnam? In both the cases, you need genuine trader of coal. Check shipment details of Vietnam coal import companies and overseas suppliers of coal to Vietnam. At Vietnam Trades, you can access information on Vietnam’s import market of coal. Below given sample shows data fields which are covered in Vietnam import data of coal.


02 October 2017

Company Code


Vietnam Importer Company (Vietnam)

Nhat Tri Thanh Company Limited

Vietnam Importer Company (English)

Ltd Tri Thanh Nhat

Foreign Exporter Company (Vietnam)

Minferro PTE Ltd

Foreign Exporter Company (English)

Minferro PTE Ltd

HS Code


Product Description (Vietnam)

Coking coal from anthracite is a substance that increases carbon content for steel water, carbon content (C> = 93%) (According to PTPL No. 859 dated March 31, 2016). Goods used in metallurgy industry. New 100%.

Product Description (English)

Anthracite coal coke of the substance increases the water content of the carbon steel, carbon (C> = 93%) (according to the number 859 dated 31.03.2016 PTPL). Goods used in metallurgy CN. New 100%.





Value (USD)


Unit Price (USD)


Origin Country


Condition of Goods Delivery


Payment Condition


Vietnam Import Port

Hai Phong Port

Import Country


Export Country


Foreign Port



List of Coal Importers in Vietnam

                    ·         Ltd Tri Thanh Nhat

                    ·         Hong IK Vina Co. Ltd

                    ·         SCG Trading Co. Ltd

                    ·         Company Limited Commercial Service Manufacturing Construction-East Mekong

A rise in domestic demand of coal, especially for thermal power plants has led to increase in the imports of coal in Vietnam. According to Vietnam’s development plan for the coal industry, the total capacity of power plants may reach up to 146,800 MW with 51.6% coming from thermal power plants by 2030. In order to achieve this target, thermal power plants will need 64.1 million tonnes of coal in 2020 and 131.1 million tonnes in 2030.

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