China Now India’s Second-Largest Export Destination

19 June 2021
India Export Data

China overtook the United Arab Emirates to emerge has India’s second-largest export destination in FY21. It is for the first time in recent times that China is behind the only the United States as India’s top export partner, despite the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic and a deadly border clash. According to Export Genius trade data, India’s exports to China jumped by 28% in FY21 to over $50 billion as compared to FY20. The value of export shipments from India to UAE plunged by 42% to nearly $17 billion.

India’s Top 5 Export Partners FY21

India export data shows India’s exports totaled $291.1 billion in FY21, down by 7.1% as compared to FY20. India’s exports to the United States were down in FY21 from same period last year. However, India’s exports to China saw the biggest jump by about 27% in the same financial year. India export data reveals India’s top 5 export destination with dollar amount and percentage change recorded in FY21.


$Billion, FY21

% Change (Year-over-year)

United States









Hong Kong







Which are Top Product Categories Which India Exports to China?

India’s top exports to China in 2020 were ores, slag & ash, organic chemicals, iron & steel, mineral fuels & oils, cotton, plastics & articles, fish & crustaceans, machinery, animal or vegetable fats & oils and electrical machinery & equipment. In the past years, India’s exports to China have risen, thanks to India’s self-dependent initiative. Below given chart shows dollar amount of these product categories.

Product Category

Value $Billion

Ores, Slag & Ash


Organic Chemicals


Iron and Steel


Mineral Fuels and Oils




Plastics and Articles


Fish and Crustaceans




Animal or Vegetable Fats & Oils


Electrical Machinery & Equipment



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Despite China’s rank gone up as India’s largest export destination, China’s share in trade deficit soared and stood at 43 in FY21 as compared to 30 reported in FY20. India was forced to put in place a stringent lockdown from March 25 last year unit it was gradually relaxed from June that choked its supply chain. Once lockdown was lifted and supply disruptions eased considerably, exports made a fragile recovery. The market again disrupted when India went to lockdown from April to May due to second wave of coronavirus pandemic. We have to wait and watch how much that affected to India’s exports.

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