China is World’s Top Import Market of Cotton Yarn – Industry Outlook

22 June 2018
China Cotton Yarn Import

China stood as the biggest import market of cotton yarn in the world, followed by Bangladesh, Honduras and Turkey. China imports of cotton yarn recorded USD 5065 million during the year 2017 which represented 41.7% of the global imports. Vietnam and India are the largest import partners of cotton yarn. China has been world’s largest producer of cotton for more than four decades but in case of cotton yarn, it consumes more than it grows. China dominates the world cotton market and Chinese cotton policies not only affect their domestic market but also the global cotton market. It mainly imports single cotton yarn and multiple folded cotton yarn from the world.

The cotton industry of China is engaged in spinning yarn and weaving cloth using cotton and synthetic fibre. Cotton yarn is the main product of the industry that is purchased heavily from the global market. Cotton yarn is classified under HS Code 5205 which excludes sewing thread and containing more than 85% cotton by weight. It is a long continuous length of interlocked fibers. Let’s take a comprehensive look at the detailed analysis of China’s cotton import market 2017.

China Cotton Yarn Import Statistics of Last Five Years

China has reduced its demand for cotton yarn in last two years and the import value is also declined by 6% between 2013 and 2017. However, it has seen a rise in imports by 7% during the period 2016-17. Check China cotton yarn imports in last five years.


Value (USD Million)












List of Cotton Yarn Importers in China

There are various companies in China purchasing cotton from the global companies. Check some cotton buyers as mentioned below.

           ·         China National Cotton Group

           ·         Zhejiang AMP Orient AMP and EXP Co. Ltd.

           ·         Xinjiang Baihaihuamin International Trade Co., Ltd.

           ·         Tianjin Zhong Cheng Bang DA Interna

           ·         H&M Hennes & Mauritz

Check Here List of cotton yarn buyers in china

Cotton Yarn Import Partners of China

China is importing cotton yarn from more 35 countries around the world. The top two supplying markets (Vietnam and India) accounted over 58% value of the China’s total cotton yarn imports in 2017. According to China Import Data, cotton yarn import from Vietnam and India stood at USD 1874 million and USD 1066 million respectively which was 37% and 21.1% of total value. China also re-import the product in a large quantity. The other cotton yarn supplying markets are Pakistan, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Taipei and Malaysia etc. Refer the below table to check values of top 5 cotton yarn import partners and their value recorded in 2017.


Value (USD Million)

Share Value (%)

















China cotton yarn import from Vietnam

Vietnam is the biggest country selling cotton yarn to China. It is second largest exporter cotton yarn in the world and accounted USD 2149 million in 2017. Since labour cost has gone up in China, they are shifting yarn production to Vietnam and become a conversion centre for Chinese cotton. Vietnam accounted for 37% value of China imports of this product. China has increased its market with Vietnam and recorded growth of 21% by value and 29% by quantity between 2013 and 2017. Vietnam has no base of raw material and largely imports cotton from global countries such as India, US and China. They are able to compete with competitors due to the zero tariff advantage.

China cotton yarn import from India

India is the second largest cotton yarn import market of China and largest exporter in the world for this product. India accounted for 21.1% value of China imports of cotton yarn during 2017. China has reduced its imports from India in last five year and recorded decline of 16% by value and 11% by quantity. Currently, China is only importing from India to bridge the gap in demand that cannot be fulfilled by supply from Chinese domestic traders and import from Vietnam. It has seen a decline in India’s yarn exports to China was to some extent compensated by the increase in exports to Bangladesh, Portugal, Pakistan and Turkey.

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01 November 2017

HS Code


Product Description

Combed cabled cotton yarn, cotton?85%, nprs>14mn but?43mn





CIF value

USD 2295

Origin Country


Mode of Transport

By Truck


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