China Continues to Stand Top in the India-China Trade Relations

16 March 2021
India China Trade Data

China export data implies how China has been the biggest exporter in the world for its goods manufacturing since 2009, ranked #2 after USA. According to India trade data, top 3 India trading partners are – China, USA, and UAE. China ranks at #1 in India-China import-export. India-China trade relations collapsed due to several disputes involving military and economic issues. The impact can be seen in the India-China trade data.


India imports were voluntarily dropped down with China as per India trade data. India put ban on 59 apps owned by China. China imports, however, was not much impacted. According to India export data, India export to China was increased by 11% in 2020 with a total trade value standing at $19 billion – increased by a percentage of 16% in the first 11 months of 2020, in which trade value was standing at $19 billion. While, China exports to India dropped down by 16.2% in the first 10 months of 2020.


China and Other Countries


China trade data shows China top trading partners – USA, Hong Kong and Japan as per the year of 2019 for China exports. USA was the China top trading partner in 2019 followed by Hong Kong and Japan respectively according to this China trade data. Have a look on the China export data below:


Exports (US Billion Dollars)

Total Export Value (in % age)




Hong Kong







South Korea and Vietnam increased the China exports in their regions at a value of 1.8% and 16.6%. However, several countries ranking in the China top trading partners, including India, have reduced the value in China imports, standing at: USA (-12.7%), Hong Kong (-7.7%), Japan (-2.7%), and India (-2.5%); according to China import data.


India and China Top Products


India has a dependency for China import because of several products which have manufacturing bases in China only. These products include machinery, telecom equipment, etc. Heavy machinery equipment has a 51% demand value alone in the total import value according to India trade data.

Trade between India and China includes these three major products and their values are represented as well. These values represents that the highest demanded product for India import is Electronics. Top exported products from China are shown below in the table:

Products’ Names

2018 (USD Billion)

2019 (In USD Billion)







Organic Chemicals




Trade between India and China includes these three major products and their values are represented as well. These values represents that the highest demanded product in China is Organic Chemicals. Top imported products from India are shown below in the table according to India-China trade data:

Products’ Names

2018 (USD Billion)

2019 (USD Billion)

Organic Chemicals



Ores, Slag and Ash



Pearl, Stones, Metals, etc.




China and India – Trade values


China trade data shows total value accounted to $85.5 billion in 2019 but drastic changes in India-China trade relation were in 2020. India-China trade received a downfall with a total count of $77.7 billion in 2020.


An approximate value of $59 billion worth products was counted during the period of months – from January to November. After 2005, India trade data shows a 2% drop for the first time, in which trade value stands at $56.95 billion for 2019. For the first time in the decades, China started demanding ‘Indian Rice’. The reason stated by a Chinese State Media for import of rice was due to the offered discounted prices. This brought a very slight rise in the China import from India.


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