Benefits of Information on Indian Companies to Logistics Industry

02 March 2019
Data Benefits to Logistics Industry

Logistics and supply chain management businesses face many challenges including drowning in data. This is especially true for transportation management, as companies operate across various transport modes, regions and data sources. Nowadays, there is a lot of discussion about how important it is to turn data into actionable information? Why is that so important today? With the highest competition into global logistics industry, it becomes tough for freight forwarding companies to maintain their progress level. But, it is possible with the Export Genius Insight, which provides the most accurate information on importers and exporters with their trading activities and contact details. So, how this information is useful to logistics companies, freight forwarders, custom house agents and shipping agencies? Let’s find out! 


Large data coverage includes accurate and comprehensive information, collected from the highest valuable sources. It looks like the future is bright for logistics companies that are willing to take advantage of big business information, provided by Export Genius Insight. With the help of information-processing system; CRM, we collect, store and simplify data analysis for the users. In logistics industry, more and more businesses are taking our business intelligence services for managing their logistics analytics.

Benefits of Company Data Analytics in Supply Chain & Logistics Management Industry

Analyzing customer data can generate useful insights on product placement, pricing strategy, cost & labour optimization, operational risk management and better delivery. For logistic industry, information of companies helps in increasing business revenue by locating real buyers & suppliers and increase customers. Let’s have a look at few key benefits of India importer & exporter data to logistic business.

Track Shipment of Importer & Exporter and Choose the Right Company: Trade data with company information is beneficial for logistics and shipping companies to track every shipment and import-export activity of traders and approach them for providing transport services to the good companies.

Business Decision-making: Having insights on trading companies help logistics industry to pick their right customers from thousands and thousands of businesses. Importer and exporter data allows logistics companies to enable more predictable business performance by putting actionable information into the hands of key decision makers.

Edge over Competitors: Business and competition goes hand in hand. In your logistic business, you certainly have your competitors. Now it is up to you how you take your business beyond expectations and cross the competition level. One of the finest ways of doing so is that you can mainly target big Indian companies from your great offers and maximize your profits and business goodwill as well.

Ability to Grab New Business Opportunities: Business intelligence within your transportation and logistics operation can improve profitability with in-depth analysis of the service and network portfolio across customers, suppliers and every step in the logistics chain. You can track buyer and supplier performance against service level agreements to identify business opportunities.

How Export Genius Insight Real-Time Dashboard Works?

Insight is an online platform delivering inside trade information of Indian importers and exporters to shipping & logistic companies, freight forwarders, carriers and CHA. How our dashboard works? Here is a thorough check!

By log in, choosing plan and using our dashboard, you get the real-time information of companies. This means that company location (State, City, Pin Code), Import/Export Turnover, Company Size, Transport Mode, etc. can all be found with a couple of clicks.

Dashboard makes easier for users to find business intelligence information in a systematic way.

It is also convenient in accessing trading activities of companies along with their contact details from our online intelligence platform.

Our dashboard also gives logistics companies to take an advantage of quick reaction time. The data provided through our dashboard is updated in every 30 days that will help them to always up-to-date with the company’s trading records.


Market intelligence information is revolutionizing many fields of business, and logistics analytics is one of them. Company data analytics can dramatically improve supply chain and logistics operations and maximize ROI. It becomes a lot easier to predict and work on customer requirements and hence enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty. If you as a freight forwarder have not yet found your way into digital working methods, there is no problem. We go this way together with you and help you with your first step on the digital market intelligence platform, Export Genius Insight.

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