Asia Trade Data – Find Import Export Data of Asian Countries

13 August 2018
Asia Trade Data

Asia is the biggest and most populous continent in the world. According to Asia trade data, more than 50 Asian countries are trading in the global market. We at Export Genius track trading activities of eight Asian countries including China, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Let’s know the facts about Asia trade data.

          ·         It is updated on monthly basis.

          ·         Importer & Exporter details of six Asian countries.

          ·         Data available on HS Code and product description.

          ·         Covers sea, air & road shipments.

          ·         Historical data available.

The major data fields covered in Asia trade data such as Date, HS Code, Product Description, Importer Name, Exporter Name, Value, Quantity, Unit, Origin Country, Destination Country, Loading Port, Unloading Port and much more.

What is Asia Export Data?

Asia export data is a collection of facts and figures of the Asian countries exporting activities and the goods that are departing from their different ports such as land, air or sea. The shipment data of Asia is compiled with shipping bill and invoice details of every shipment and based on actual trading details. Marketing without data is like driving with your closed eyes. We cover export activities of seven Asian countries including Japan statistical data.

China is the top exporter country in the Asia and world. China exports of goods to the global market worth USD 2271 billion in 2017. According to China export data, telephone sets, automatic data processing machines and integrated circuits are its top export commodities while USA, Hong Kong and Japan are its top export destinations. We provide export data of China in four types including customs and statistical. It covers sea, air and road shipments at 8-digit HS Code only including buyers and suppliers trading details.

Vietnam is an emerging country expanding its export business around the world. Vietnam is the world’s 20th largest exporter and worth USD 254 billion in 2017. As per Vietnam export data, telephone sets, integrated circuits and footwear are its top export commodities and it mainly exports to China, USA and Japan. We provide Vietnam customs data based on genuine shipment records including the company details. Vietnam shipment data is available on all HS-Codes and covers all ports. Here is the table representing Asian countries export statistics and their rank recorded during 2017.


Global Rank


Export (USD Billion)




















Sri Lanka



What is Asia Import Data?

Asia import data is a set of trade statistics of the Asian countries importing activities. We track every shipment that is arrived into Asian countries via land, sea or air ports is based on bill of entry details of every consignment. We provide import customs data of six countries and statistical data of Japan and South Korea.

China is the second largest importer country in the world and imports worth USD 1840 billion in 2017. As per China import data, the country mainly imports from South Korea, Japan, USA and Taipei while electronic integrated circuits & crude oil are its top imports. Import data of China is based on customs records, invoices & bill of lading and collected from port authorities and shipping & logistics companies. Our data is available on actual & standard product description at each level HS Code.

Vietnam is 4th largest importer in Asia and ranked 19th in the world. Vietnam imports from the global market worth USD 235 billion in 2017. Vietnam import data shows that the country has mainly imported integrated circuits, telephone sets and petroleum oil in the said year and its top import sources are China and South Korea. Vietnam import customs data covers Vietnamese buyers and foreign suppliers trading details and based on shipping bills and import bills. Refer the below table to check rank and trade statistics of Asian importer countries recorded during 2017.


Global Rank


Import (USD Billion)








South Korea















Sri Lanka



Collection Sources of Asia Trade Data

We believe to deliver accurate and authentic data to our clients. The import export trade of Asian nations is collected from various authentic sources such as country’s customs department, port authorities, shipping & logistics companies and trade associations. Our data analysts review the shipments and filter each data segments to check duplication and misconception.

How is Asia Import Export Trade Data Useful?

Doing proper market research and analyzing all possibilities related to an industry is very important in business. It brings correct and comprehensive global trade picture. Our Asia import export trade data is useful:

            ·         To evaluate the product’s price and quantity trends.

            ·         To find genuine buyers & suppliers in Asian market.

            ·         To analyse the competition in regional and global market.

            ·         To explore the new potential markets.

            ·         To determine the market share.

            ·         Banks can approach companies to get their services.

            ·         Logistics approach companies for their transportation services.

How to get Asian Countries Trade Data?

Asia trade data is based on customs information and recorded when shipments get departed from and entered into the country. It provides a wider & clear picture of Asian market. For reference, here is the sample of Asia (Vietnam) import customs data as it will give you a fair idea about major data fields that we cover in trade data.


01 October 2017

HS Code


Product Description

HP-060 # & Women’s Shoes (PU), Style: 2021/2023/2087 # & VN


1365 Pair


USD 10920

Vietnam Exporter Company

Hong Phong Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Importer Company

Hengfeng Shoes Trade (H.K) Limited

Origin Country


Vietnam Export Port

CFS Saigon ICD Transimex Joint Stock Company

Importer Country


Export Country


Foreign Port

Barcelona, Spain


We have a large database of Asian countries shipment data. We provide trade data on HS Code, goods description and duration basis. Subscribe to Asia trade data and get the complete shipment details. Including Asian nations, we provide import export trade data of more than 60 countries around the world.

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