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14 January 2020
Africa Export Data

Africa is a continent and surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, the Isthmus of Suez & the Red Sea to the northeast, the Indian Ocean to the southeast and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. In terms of global exports, Africa stands at 5th position with US$ 420.5 billion worth of commodities were shipped by African countries in 2018. According to Africa trade data, African countries shared 2.4% value to global exports. Let’s have detailed analysis of Africa’s top 10 exporting countries with export statistics.

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Top 10 African Countries by Exports

                     1.    South Africa

According to South Africa export data, the country shipped commodities worth US$ 94,421 million in 2018. From Jan to Mar 2019, South Africa exported goods valued US$ 66,908 million, in which the highest value was recorded in March month. South Africa’s top export commodities are gold, agglomerated iron ores, motor vehicles for transport of goods, bituminous coal, manganese ores, platinum and motor cars. Top export partners of South Africa are China (11%), Germany (9.2%), United States (6.6%), United Kingdom (5.4%), Botswana (4.9%), Japan (4.6%), Mozambique (4.2%), Namibia (3.9%), India (3.8%) and Belgium (3.6%).

                     2.    Nigeria

Nigeria with US$ 52,913 million worth of goods supplied to the world, stood at 2nd position in Africa. Nigeria’s major export products are crude petroleum oil, liquefied natural gas, petroleum gases, Sesamum seeds, urea, liquefied propane and electrical energy. Nigeria top export partners are India (15.9%), Netherlands (10.7%), Spain (10.1%), France (7.9%), South Africa (6.4%) and United States (6.1%).

                     3.    Angola

Angola is located in Central Africa. It shipped goods worth US$ 42,021 million in 2018. Main export products of Angola are petroleum products, industrial diamonds, wood, marbles, coffee, green tea, black tea and mate. Angola’s top export partners are China (57.5%), India (8.9%), United States (3.8%), Spain (2.9%), South Africa (2.7%), Portugal (2.6%), United Arab Emirates (2%) and France (1.9%).

                     4.    Algeria

Algeria’s total exports valued US$ 41,763 million in 2018. The largest export commodities of Algeria are mineral fuels, fertilizers, inorganic chemicals, sugar, salt, sulphur, edible fruits & nuts, machinery and iron & steel. Algeria export partners are Italy (16%), France (12.6%), Spain (11.7%), United States (9.9%) and Brazil (6%).

                      5.    Libya

Libya is a country in North of Africa, which shipped commodities worth US$ 30,633 million in 2018. Libya’s largest export commodities are natural gas in gaseous state, hydrocarbons in gaseous state, propane, butanes, light oils & preparations and propene. Top Libya export partners are Italy (42.3%), France (15.5%), China (9.4%), Spain (9.2%), Greece (4.5%), Netherlands (3.4%) and Germany (2.6%).

                      6.    Egypt

Egypt’s major exports are mineral fuels & oils, plastics, electrical machinery & equipment, pearls & precious stones, edible fruits & nuts, fertilizers and iron & steel. And value of total exported products recorded US$ 29,383 million in 2018. Top Egypt export partners are Italy (7%), Turkey (6.9%), United Arab Emirates (6.8%), United States (5.9%), Saudi Arabia (4.9%), United Kingdom (4.6%), Spain (4.4%), India (3.9%), China (3.5%), Algeria (3.4%), France (3%) and Germany (2.3%).

                      7.    Morocco

According to Morocco shipment data, the country shipped commodities worth US$ 29,330 million in 2018. Major export commodities of Morocco are electrical machinery & equipment, vehicles, fertilizers, not knitted apparel & clothing, inorganic chemicals, fish, edible vegetables and edible fruits & nuts. Morocco’s main export partners are Spain (23.6%), France (21.8%), United States (4.7%), Italy (4.3%), India (3.7%), Germany (3.2%), United Kingdom (2.8%) and Brazil (2.6%).

                      8.    Ghana

Ghana, officially the Republic of Ghana is a country in West Africa. As per Ghana export data, the country shipped commodities worth US$ 17,099 million in 2018. Top Ghana export products are crude petroleum oil, cocoa beans, gold, cashew nuts and manganese ores. Ghana’s top export partners are India (21.5%), China (11.9%), South Africa (10.2%), Switzerland (9.5%), Netherlands (7.2%) and Malaysia (6.5%).

                      9.    Tunisia

Tunisia recorded US$ 16,302 million export value of total products in 2018. The country mostly supplied electrical machinery & equipment, not knitted apparel & clothing, mineral fuels & oils, knitted apparel & clothing and animal or vegetable fats & oils. Major export partners of Tunisia are France (30.6%), Italy (16.5%), Germany (11.6%), Spain (3.8%), Algeria (3.3%), Libya (2.8%) and United Kingdom (2.3%).

                      10. Cote d’lvoire

Cote d’lvoire shipped goods valued US$ 11,823 million in 2018. Its largest export commodities are cocoa, mineral fuels & oils, edible fruits & nuts, pearls & precious stones, rubber, cotton, essential oils, animal or vegetable fats & oils and plastics. The country exported goods mostly to Netherlands (11.5%), United States (9.1%), Vietnam (6.8%), Germany (6.3%), France (5.4%) and Burkina Faso (5.2%).

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