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Fiji Import Data

5 Tips to Find Product for Exporting to Fiji

In export business, you need a market in a particular country in which you want to supply your goods. On the other hand, if you have selected a country, you have to analyze which products have greater demand in that country and choose accordingly. For instance, if you want to export your products to Fiji, you have to choose a product which is majorly imported by the country. So, how you as an exporter go about finding a product? With market research and product analysis from Fiji import data, you can easily find a product to supply in Fiji. Here are some tips that you can consider to identify potential products in Fiji to export.
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China Import Data

China Suspends Import of Frozen Seafood from Indian Firms

China has recently suspended the import of frozen seafood products from six Indian marine export companies after traces of coronavirus found on the packaging. China, who is world’s second-largest export destination of Indian seafood with market share of 17%, took the decision in view of Covid-19 pandemic. According to Export Genius China import data, China imported seafood worth USD 894 million in 2020. China’s biggest competitor, the United States of America imported Indian seafood worth USD 1,861 million.
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Argentina Export Data

Argentina Beef Export Ban Impact on Global Market

Argentina put a 30-day beef export ban, a measure to contain the sustained increase in the price of bovine products in the domestic market and to operate the industry. Argentina shipped meat of frozen bovine animals worth USD 2,063 million in 2020, while exports of meat of fresh or chilled bovine animals totaled USD 653 million. According to Export Genius Argentina export data, Argentina’s top beef export destination is China, which shared 83.1% value to total exports. How Argentina beef export ban will impact global market, especially China? Let’s understand from Argentina export statistics available.
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India Export Data

China Now India’s Second-Largest Export Destination

China overtook the United Arab Emirates to emerge has India’s second-largest export destination in FY21. It is for the first time in recent times that China is behind the only the United States as India’s top export partner, despite the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic and a deadly border clash. According to Export Genius trade data, India’s exports to China jumped by 28% in FY21 to over $50 billion as compared to FY20. The value of export shipments from India to UAE plunged by 42% to nearly $17 billion.
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Export Data

Global Roofing Materials Market Rising Rapidly For Near Future

Global roofing materials market has been impacted tremendously by the hit of the pandemic of Coronavirus from last year. The industry of roofing materials reached a value of about $121.5 Billion in 2020. The forecasted period of the market has been estimated to be 2021-2026, in which the further expected growth of the roofing industry is expected to reach nearly $162.7 Billion by 2026. Roofing materials import export data shows the rising demand of materials.
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