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Rubber Data

Rubber Export Import in World - Trade Statistics & Country Outlook

The health of the worldwide rubber market largely depends on the tire industry that consumes majority of both natural and synthetic rubber production. While tire demand is projected to rise modestly in developed countries, consumption in developing countries will be benefiting from boosting living standards and resulting higher numbers of vehicle purchases. Over the last decade, China has become a major exporter of rubber. And United States of America is the largest importer of rubber.
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Natural Gas Data

Natural Gas Import Export Data-International Trade Outlook

In spite of recent efforts to focus on renewable energy resources, natural gas still remains an essential commodity. It is used for everything ranging from heating to cooking & lighting. This gas is the third most used fuel after coal & oil; however it is cleaner due to discharge of lesser amounts of harmful substances. Natural gas import export data shows that United States of America and Russia are the two largest producers of natural gas around the world.
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Machines Trade Data

USA & China Top in Automatic Data Processing Machines Global Trade

The United States of America and China competes each other neck-to-neck in global trade of automatic data processing machines. USA stood as the largest importer of automatic data processing machines, while China supplied these machines the most in year 2016. This means both the countries settled in list of top importer and exporter countries of automatic data processing machines in 2016. Let’s have country-wise analysis of international trade of automatic data processing machines.
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Miscellaneous Chemical Data

Import and Export of Chemical Products Crossed USD 170 Billion

Chemical Industry is one of the most significant contributors to the growth and development of global economy. Miscellaneous chemical products are one of the most imported and exported global product. United States of America is the chemical product exporter country while China is the largest chemical product importer country in the world. The top 5 countries like China, USA, Germany and France are the major chemical products exporters as well as major importers in the world.
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Gold Data

Gold Import Export Data - World’s Largest Gold Traders

Global sales from gold exports by countries in 2016 amounted to USD 327787 Million. Among continents, Asian countries accounted for the highest dollar worth of gold exports during the year 2016 with shipments amounting to USD 121853 Million which represents 37.2% of the worldwide total. The 4-digit HS code prefix for unwrought or semi manufactured gold is 7108. Switzerland is the largest gold exporter country as well as largest in gold importers in the world.
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