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Vehicles Trade Data

Vehicles Import Export - Germany Top Vehicle Exports Market

Vehicles are one of the world’s most exported product that recorded the highest dollar values in last years. It is the 4th largest imported and exported global product after electronic equipment, machinery and mineral fuels. Vehicles come under HS code 87 including vehicles other than railway or tramway rolling stock, parts and accessories. Motor cars and other motor vehicles principally designed for the transport of persons which come under HS code 8703 are the most traded vehicles in world.
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Electrical Machinery Data

Electrical Machinery is the Most Traded Global Product

Electrical Machinery is a general term for electric motors and electric generators and other electromagnetic machines. It is also called electromechanical energy converters. An Electric motors convert electricity to mechanical power while an electric generator converts mechanical power to electricity. The product under Chapter 85 i.e. electrical machinery and equipment and its parts, are the most exported and imported global product.
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Cotton Export Data

Largest Cotton Exporting Countries in the World

The global sales from cotton exports by country amounted to nearly USD 52 Billion during the year 2016. The cotton HS code is 52. This broad classification category includes raw cotton, cotton yarn thread, woven fabrics, cotton waste and cotton sewing thread. Woven Fabrics of cotton and cotton yarn are the most exported cotton product globally. We take a comprehensive look at the top cotton exporting/ producing countries across the world.
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Rubber Data

Rubber Export Import in World - Trade Statistics & Country Outlook

The health of the worldwide rubber market largely depends on the tire industry that consumes majority of both natural and synthetic rubber production. While tire demand is projected to rise modestly in developed countries, consumption in developing countries will be benefiting from boosting living standards and resulting higher numbers of vehicle purchases. Over the last decade, China has become a major exporter of rubber. And United States of America is the largest importer of rubber.
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Natural Gas Data

Natural Gas Import Export Data-International Trade Outlook

In spite of recent efforts to focus on renewable energy resources, natural gas still remains an essential commodity. It is used for everything ranging from heating to cooking & lighting. This gas is the third most used fuel after coal & oil; however it is cleaner due to discharge of lesser amounts of harmful substances. Natural gas import export data shows that United States of America and Russia are the two largest producers of natural gas around the world.
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