6 Most Significant Sources to Find Importers/Exporters in Mexico

29 August 2019
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Mexico is now No.1 trade partner of the Unites States of America, after much-talked trade war between the US and China, which started in early 2018. There is no doubt that Mexico is the happiest country which gets much benefit from this trade war. As per Export Genius Mexico trade data and report, Mexico’s trade value with the US recorded US$ 308 billion in first six months of 2019, while China stood at 3rd position with US$ 271 billion value. The second position was grabbed by Canada, which did about US$ 306 billion of import-export business with the US.

So, if you like to start import-export business in Mexico, this time is good as you can explore several business opportunities into the country. How to start this business? First of all, you have to decide whether you want to import a product into Mexico or export a product from the Mexico. After this, select a product which you want to import or export. There are many other factors like business registration, customs procedure, finding logistics and so on which play an important part in the success of import-export business.

Above all, finding an active importer or exporter in Mexico is the most daunting task. How to find buyers and suppliers in Mexico? For this, I have mentioned 6 most significant sources to find importers/exporters in Mexico.

                      1.    Mexican Customs

The best and the most accurate source to find importers and exporters in Mexico is the Mexican Customs. It provides the most complete and actual shipment records when a shipment arrives and departs from Mexican ports. You can find detailed information of that shipment such as bill of lading number, date, HS Code, product description, importer company, exporter company, port, value, quantity, foreign country, etc. In fact, there are many import-export data provides like MexicoImporter.com get Mexico import and export data with Mexico suppliers list from Mexican customs. Every company files import-export documents in customs to get their shipment released and moved from one country to another. It also helps you in gaining knowledge about rules and regulations of custom departments.

                     2.    Port Authorities

Port authorities are also the best sources to find import and export companies in Mexico. They are also recognized as government departments which regulates shipments departed and arrived through various parts. They can also provide you information about top Mexico exporters and importers in Mexico with their shipment details. 

                    3.    Trade Associations

Trade associations of various HS classified products also help importers and exporters to find their business partners. Their main work is to promote their industry with special focus on solving trade related issues. They also organize trade events and special trade programmes where importers and exporters take part to showcase their products.

                     4.    Chamber of Commerce

Every country has their own Chamber of Commerce which is an association of business people established to promote and protect the interests of its members. For Mexico businessmen, the U.S.-Mexico Chamber of Commerce (USMCOC) was created by a coalition of distinguished U.S. and Mexican traders who understood that the two countries needed a vehicle to improve communications and promote trade, investment and joint ventures on both sides of the border. So, you can register yourself and establish business relationships with the active import and export companies.

                   5.    Shipping Companies

Shipping companies are other best sources to find buyers and suppliers in Mexico. They provide logistics services to import and export companies. They have a close contact with these import companies in Mexico. You can get the shipping and contact details of Mexican traded companies of your choice and start doing your business.

                 6.    Import-Export Data Provider

You can also go for a reliable import-export data provider which gets global trade data with shipment details directly from customs of various countries and other valid sources. Export Genius is the best market research company which provides import-export data of 70+ countries with company names. Check Mexico trade data and find the best Mexican companies to do business.

There are other sources as well to find import and export companies of Mexico with their shipment details. These are Public Registries, Worldwide Network Partners, Social Networks, News & Directories and Business Websites.

In order to successfully run an import-export business, it is vital to know about legal matters, customs procedures, right trade partners, product choice, etc. So, use these 6 most significant sources to find importers/exporters in Mexico and get the right market intelligence information. And you can have the right answer of how to find importers and exporters in Mexico.

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