5 Tips to Find Product for Exporting to Fiji

23 June 2021
Fiji Import Data

In export business, you need a market in a particular country in which you want to supply your goods. On the other hand, if you have selected a country, you have to analyze which products have greater demand in that country and choose accordingly. For instance, if you want to export your products to Fiji, you have to choose a product which is majorly imported by the country. So, how you as an exporter go about finding a product? With market research and product analysis from Fiji import data, you can easily find a product to supply in Fiji. Here are some tips that you can consider to identify potential products in Fiji to export.

Product Demand

Find out which products have greater demand in Fiji. Search online or get Fiji trade data from a reliable market research company like Export Genius to know Fiji’s top import commodities. According to Fiji customs data available at this platform, Fiji’s top 10 imports in 2020 were mineral fuels & oils, aircraft, spacecraft & parts, machinery, electrical machinery & equipment, vehicles, plastics & articles, cereals, articles of iron & steel, paper & paperboard and dairy products. These are Fiji’s import categories. If you want to more HS classification of products, get Fiji import data.

Market Condition

You have to check the market of your selected product is stable or not in Fiji. Make sure you have chosen a product that has consistent demand and market is growing. Instead of focusing on a product that has occasionally demand, you should go for a product that has long-term demand.

Market Revenue

A key challenge for you as an exporter is to decide the right price of the product. The price of product must be reasonable, yet competitive. Factors affecting the price of your product include price a Fiji buyer is willing to pay for is willing to pay for your product, additional costs that can increase the price of your product and so on.

Trade Barriers

Sometimes, exporters might run into trade barriers when exporting to countries. This might be in the form of tariff restrictions (such as high taxes) imposed by the importing nation or non-tariff barriers. So, you have to find out whether there is a trade barrier in Fiji where you want to export your product. Trade agreements help in avoiding trade barriers. See if there is an agreement between Fiji and your agreement.

Business Environment

You as an exporter must take into account the political and economic stability of the importing country, Fiji. For example, Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown has impacted movement of goods from one country to another. So, look for indications of unpredictable political and economic scenarios in Fiji.

Once you have selected a product to export into Fiji and planed everything for your export business, now search for genuine importers in Fiji. For that, you can get Fiji import data from a trustworthy market research company. Market intelligence data is essential for you to have a 360-degree view of Fiji import market.

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