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Iraq Welcomes Indian Tea, A “Good To Go” For Bilateral Trade

India-Iraq bilateral trade is a good opportunity for many Indian tea companies and exporters as Iraq shows positive signs of commencing trade with the country. Recently, headlines have made highlights about Baghdad’s Chamber of Commerce inviting Indian tea companies to participate in their first ‘Tea Festival’. This has marked a long-decade halt to disruption in both countries’ trade, specifically for tea.
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Fatty Acids, Vegetable Oils & Methyl Esters Global Trade Market

Fatty acids global trade valued USD 8,584 million in 2020 and the value of methyl esters imports & exports totalled USD 4,240 million. The vegetable oils (palm oil, sunflower oil, soya-bean oil, rape, colza & mustard oil, olive oil & coconut oil) together contributed trade of about USD 153 billion in the said year. Export Genius global research report provides a detailed analysis of global imports & exports of fatty acids, vegetable oils and methyl esters.
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India Trade Data

India's Coal Crisis – Key Factors of Coal Shortage and Data Analysis

The post-COVID scenarios have risen a demand in the agriculture sector and industrial groups for using electricity more efficiently. Since the economy’s rebound in the post-COVID 19, industries have ramped up their production and offices have reopened, resulting in energy demand. This was further heightened by the coal crisis in India, taken into account recently.
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Global Trade Data

Water Soluble Packaging Will Most Probably Replace Polythene

As we are all aware, the fact that polythene is the highest-consumed polymer product, yet the biggest threat to our environment. Being a non-biodegradable waste, polythene doesn’t dissolve in the soil of the environment and emit harmful greenhouse gases. Ironically, we are dependent on the same commodity for our basic purposes in our daily lives.
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