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Gold Buyers

Gold Import in India - Report of Q1 2017 with Gold Buyers in India

India is popular for its diversified culture, language, religion and festivals. Indians mostly buy gold on the occasion of Hindu marriage and annual Hindu & Jain holy festivals such as Akshaya Tritiya, Navratri, Dussehra, Dhanteras, and Balipratipada and so on. The demand of gold in India has always been on the rise since past years. To meet the consumption, India imports gold from other countries. As per gold import data of India, released by Export Genius
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Coal Import in India

Coal Import in India of Q1 2017 - India Efforts to Reduce Coal Imports

Reports from the Indian newspapers are showing that government is now more focused on reduction of imported coal dependency. If we see coal import data of India during January and March 2017, India’s total coal imports in value stood at USD 3430053411. The percentage value of coal in Feb declined to 28.02% from Jan’s 34.35%, but it rose to 37.62% in March 2017. Let’s analyse the India coal import report of Jan to Mar 2017
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Samsung Galaxy Import

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Mobile Phones Import in India - April 2017 Analysis Report

India stood as the 8th largest importer of mobile phones across the world. The mobile phones are imported by India in two categories i.e. CBU (Completely Built Unit) and CKD (Completely Knocked Down). CBU means the product do not require an assembly before they can be sold out to the importers in the target country’s market. CKD is one which is imported in parts and not as one assembled unit. Such units are first sent to an assembly plant where all these parts are assembled.
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Rice Export Data

Rice Exporters in India - Data and Report of Rice Export from India March 2017

India is popular for its rice cultivation all over the world. India is the largest rice exporter with its market share of 28.9% from world’s output (In 2016). It has generated the export value of 5315.535 Million USD in 2016. In the list of rice exporting countries, India is followed by Thailand which stood second in the list. India is exporting rice in more than 150 countries across the world. Rice export by India in three categories which are Basmati, Non-Basmati and others.
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Car Export Report

Car Export Report of India Q1 2017 - Data of Car Exports from India

India stood as 20th largest car exporter in 2016 across the world, and Mexico is one of its most important markets. Germany is top in the list of car exporters followed by Japan, USA, Canada and UK across the world. As per the car export data of India, The country has registered export value of 1244.19 Million USD from car export business during January to March 2017. A total of 54762, 43784 and 57541 pieces of car has been exported in January, February and March 2017 respectively
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