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Russia Export Data

Russia’s Energy Exports – Europe and Asia are Key Destinations

Europe and Asia are key destinations of Russia’s energy exports. In 2021, Russia exported crude oil to the world worth US$110,119 million, liquefied natural gas to the world worth US$7,320 million, and coal to the world worth US$17,560 million. Europe and Asia together contributed over 90% of Russian energy exports. The trade outlook between Russia and Europe & Asia in 2022 is to be changed global supply chain from has been affected by ongoing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
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India Export Data

Global Demand of Indian Maize Surged Due To Russia-Ukraine War

India's agriculture sector is the most flourishing sector right now among all the industries working in efforts to expand the global trade with other countries. Among this, the one commodity that emerged out as the highest exporting commodity is maize. With the Russian invasion of Ukraine having captured a significant portion of the international trade by creating backlogs and an unprecedented challenge for countries to overcome the sudden halt of shipped goods from Russia and Ukraine both, India’s maize is increasingly being demanded.
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Nigeria Trade Data

Nigeria’s Trade Deficit Widens as Exports Falling & Imports Rising

Nigeria’s trade deficit is expected to get widened in 2022 as the performance of the country’s export sector has been on a downward slope. According to our database, Nigeria reported a trade deficit of US$ -19,648 million in 2020 and US$ -15,205 million in the first half of 2021. The rising trade gap between Nigeria’s imports and exports would impact its economy, which is the largest in the African continent. Let’s have a look at Nigeria’s imports and exports in past years and top-most traded commodities.
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Russia Export Data

Russia Bans Exports of Cars and Auto Parts in Response to Sanctions

In response to sanctions imposed on Russia against its invasion of Ukraine, Russia has decided to put a ban on exports of cars and auto parts and 200 other commodities. The conflict continues to impact the auto industry, not only in Russia but across the world. The decision will further worsen the ongoing semiconductor crisis being faced by auto manufacturers in the coming days. Here is a glimpse of Russia’s cars and auto parts exports in 2021.
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Global Trade Data

US, UK, EU & G7 Nations Sanctions on Russia over Invasion of Ukraine

The United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union have put sanctions on Russia and banned Russian goods imports amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine. G7 nations including the U.S. have planned to revoke Russia’s status as a “most favored nation.” These regions are the largest export destinations of Russia. The ban on Russian goods will absolutely impact the trade and economy of Russia.
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