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Vietnam Export Data

Vietnam's Coffee Prices Drop But A Possible Wave Of Demand Might Curb Impact

Vietnam is among the top coffee-producing countries in the world. After Brazil as the top producer of coffee, Vietnam’s coffee production ranks second-highest in the world, with a contribution to about 20% of the global coffee market. However, the year 2023 is proving to be a tough year for Vietnamese coffee exporters facing losses. Despite high export volumes, falling coffee prices are contributing to the falling revenue for Vietnamese coffee exporters.
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Global Trade Data

India-China Bilateral Trade – Study of Trade Flows of India and China

The trade between India and China reached USD 142,594 million (exports to China: USD 15,743 million and imports from China: USD 126,851 million) in 2022, an increase from USD 117,387 million (exports to China: USD 20,982 million and imports from China: USD 96,405 million) reported in 2021. According to our report, India-China trade is forecasted to go down and be USD 139,442 million in 2023.
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Asia Import Data

Asia’s Crude Oil Imports Hit Record High but China’s Oil Imports Decline

Asia’s imports of crude oil reached a record high in January 2023, but the strength wasn’t driven by China, with the world’s biggest buyer actually recording a decline. According to a report, Asia’s total imports of crude oil were 29.13 million barrels per day (bpd) in Jan 2023 from 26.22 million bpd reported in Dec 2022. China’s imports of crude oil were 10.98 million bpd in Jan 2023, down from 11.37 million bpd recorded a month before.
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