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Chemicals Trade Data

Organic Chemicals Trade Data - A Comprehensive Global Market Outlook

The organic chemicals come under HS code 29. If we go through the recent trade statistics of the year 2016, the world’s organic chemical import value is USD 376346185 thousand while the world’s organic chemical export value is USD 348764076 thousand.USA is the largest organic chemical importer country while China is the largest organic chemical exporter country in the world. India is the 5th largest organic chemical importer country and recorded value of USD 14767091 thousand during the year 2016.
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Plastic Trade Data

Plastic Import Export Data-China is No.1 Plastic Trader Country

Plastic is one of the most traded global product and Polymers of ethylene is the most exported plastic item.. Plastics and articles thereof come under Chapter 39 which includes polymers of propylene, polymers of styrene in primary forms, acrylic polymers, polyamides, silicones etc. As per the trade map data, global sales from plastic item exports by countries amounted to USD 543402380 thousand while the world’s plastic import value recorded USD 547,497,323 thousand in the year 2016.
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International Diamond Trade

USA in Imports & India in Exports Top on International Diamond Trade

The United States of America is the largest buyer of diamond all over the world, which is followed by India. And in exports, India is the top most supplier of diamond globally. USA is also a second largest exporter country of diamond. As per diamond trade statistics of 2016, USA share 20.9% import value and India share 18.9% export value internationally. Want to know more about worldwide trade of diamond?
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Exports and Imports

Germany is 2nd Largest Country in Exports and Imports of Aluminium

Aluminium is one of the top global product which is mostly exported and imported. It is a good conductor of heat and electricity. It can be hammered into sheets or pulled out into wires. The HS code of Aluminium is 76. Some major aluminium exporters like China and Germany are also the major aluminium importers across the world. China is the largest aluminium exporter country while USA is the largest aluminium importer country.
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Top 10 Petroleum Importer and Exporter Countries

Top 10 Petroleum Crude Oil Importer and Exporter Countries

Crude oil is a non-renewable resource which is usually found in reservoirs. It exists as a liquid and yellowish black in colour. It is a mixture of hydrocarbons and organic compounds. Petroleum is a broad category which includes petroleum products and crude oil that are made up of refined crude oil. Petroleum products are produced from the processing of crude oil and other liquids at petroleum refineries.
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